corcoran coaching: Out of Time or Out of Nerve? - 07/13/09 02:20 PM
The most obvious downside of not managing your time well is you don't make it to anywhere the bottom of your long to-do list.  But that's not the only result, especially if the poor management is the norm, rather than an occasional yielding to something more intriguing at the moment.   If you do not effectively use your time, you tend to feel out of control and out of balance.
That's why addressing the problem will only work and help you in the short term if you do not look at the source of it!  It is not about time management, but … (6 comments)

corcoran coaching: Why Some Agents Sell More Than You - 06/30/09 06:55 AM
"I began wearing hats as a young lawyer because it helped me to establish my professional identity. Before that, whenever I was at a meeting, someone would ask me to get coffee." Bella AbzugWith all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, all real estate agents are not created equal.
Now before you get mad at me, hear me out. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that agents are unequal. It's just the way I see it. For example, if you judge agents by how many houses they sell, they are clearly not equal. Not every agent sells 100 houses a year.

corcoran coaching: A Good Plan Will Set You Free - 06/20/09 12:15 PM
We've talked a bit this week about my client Clar MacCallum.
I remember Char MacCallum telling me that she often found herself reacting to the day instead of planning for the day.  "I'd get stuck in reactive mode, dealing with paper jams and phone calls instead of working a plan that would increase my profitability," she said.
We developed a plan that spelled out systems and tools that helped her gain control of not only her time, but also her team's time. The systems were detailed checklists that covered everything that happened in her business - from how the phone would … (0 comments)

corcoran coaching: Don't Micromanage - Team Build! - 06/18/09 03:24 AM
As you can gather from what Char MacCallum (see Assign Yourself Top Dollar-Producing Activities) did, a team is fundamental. If nothing else, just hiring one assistant -  an in-house or virtual assistant - is one of the best moves an agent can make. Unfortunately, and much to their detriment, many agents want to do it all by themselves.
One of the top producers in the country admitted to me that he used to do it all.  Zac Pasmanick, CRS, of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta, told me he was "the CEO, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), GM, Vice President (VP), chief brand creator, global … (2 comments)

corcoran coaching: Assign Yourself Top Dollar-Producing Activities - 06/16/09 06:16 AM
"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me." - Shakespeare
Two thousand three-hundred hours. If you're a typical agent, that's how many hours you'll work this year, according to NAR. That's a lot of time to get sidetracked and end up down an unproductive, frustrating, and rocky road.
Has it happened to you? It happens to us all. Knowing - and embracing - dollar-productive activities can keep you on the smooth, freshly-paved freeway to more profits, more efficiency, and more fulfillment in your real estate career.
How do you assess how you spend you time?   
First, you have to … (2 comments)

corcoran coaching: Negotiation Tips For a Buyer's Market - 06/14/09 09:13 AM
 "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."  W. Edwards Deming
You should be used to it by now - the buyer's market has settled into its big, cushy, leather, easy chair and is resting comfortably. It is like the guest who just won't leave, so you have to learn to live with him for a while longer. One of the best ways to do this is to sharpen your negotiation skills.
During the last five years of the hot seller's market, negotiation skills weren't quite as important as they are now. All you had to do was put … (3 comments)

corcoran coaching: Seven Corcoran Clients Among Top 400 - 06/14/09 08:56 AM
As a real estate coach, I always walk away with the knowledge that my clients have within themselves the power to be successful.  If they employ the tools my staff and I leave them with, they can grow to be powerful forces in their local markets.
Last week when the Wall Street Journal's Top 400 was published in Lore Magazine, I was so excited to see several Corcoran Consulting & Coaching clients on the list.
They are: The Shine Team # 17; Pam & Barry # 20; Chris Sanders # 34;Jeff Pitts # 36; Lisa Burridge # 42; Buddy Blake # … (2 comments)

corcoran coaching: Making the Shift from Top Producer to Successful Broker - 06/04/09 01:28 PM
Has the metamorphosis from agent to broker taken hold? If not, it could be costing you and your real estate business some big bucks. Brokers, it is time to knight yourself as CEO.
It is just the way things are: you make money, you pay taxes. Do not go when the light turns green and someone will honk at you. And if you are a top-producing agent, you may very well become the managing broker of an office.
But as many former top producers have learned-sometimes the hard way-the roles of agent and broker are very different. And often, those savvy … (2 comments)

corcoran coaching: Waiting for the Light in the Tunnel - 05/30/09 11:46 PM
Not surprisingly, when I go speak somewhere, people always hope that my crystal ball fit within my airline luggage limit.  They say:
It's been a little scary these last couple of years. Do you think the market will get better soon?
I always say "Yes!" Why? Because it always does. Markets, by their very nature, are cyclical. I know when things slow down, nerves fray. But step back and look at the bigger picture. Markets go down and they go up. As for the current market, I'm just one of many who's saying that because of the ultra-low interest rates and … (5 comments)

corcoran coaching: Who's Got Your Back? - 05/30/09 11:02 AM
The third question that people always ask me is this one:
Are virtual assistants worth hiring? In a word, absolutely. I know Realtors are an independent lot, but the best ones aren't. They know a team beats an individual every time. And a good assistant is the best place to start. They're affordable and they free you up to do what you do best -- sell real estate. I have clients who've doubled their business simply because they hired an assistant.
You may ask if I use VA's.  The answer is a resounding "Yes!"  How do I use them?  VA's from … (5 comments)

corcoran coaching: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Expert - 05/28/09 04:14 PM
I go all over the place and get asked a lot of questions. A few come up all the time.  Here's one.
How can I consistently grow my business?
If you're like many agents, you're bottom line reflects the market. A so-so market, a so-so bottom line. Over the years I've paid close attention to top producers and what I've learned from that is this -- they work their butts off to become experts. They take advantage of every opportunity to learn everything they can about the business, the market and their customers. And then they act on that knowledge. They're … (0 comments)

corcoran coaching: No Shrinking Violets Need Apply - 05/26/09 02:55 AM
A violet is a lovely flower but it's very delicate.  Don't overwater it. Don't underwater it. Don't give it too much light or too much darkness. If you don't treat it right, it withers. Because it's pretty and purple, we pamper it.  If it were a person, we be tempted to give it a pep talk about being more flexible, about overcomng adversity, about having an attitude that wasn't so self defeating. 
A positive attitude. If I had to pick a single ingredient of success, attitude would be it. Can you imagine a top producer with a bad attitude about themsleves? Well, … (5 comments)

corcoran coaching: A Vast Network of People - 05/24/09 02:48 AM
Recent ads by cell phone cell phone provider Verizon bring home the point that the Verizon network, represented by a crowd of uniformed people, followers their customers everywhere.   The guy going to the Twilight Zone Motel where people complain about dropping calls and spotty Internet won't have to worry - the Verizon network has him covered!
In all my years of coaching agents, I've never seen an agent who reached success by him or herself. Never. And I'd bet my last dime I never will. They have assistants. They have mentors. They have coaches. They have a sardine-like pipeline crammed full … (4 comments)

corcoran coaching: Good Customer Service Saves the Day - 05/20/09 07:04 AM
If you read advertising copy, it sounds like every company would climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea for their customers.  In reality, many companies subject their customers to a maze-like phone system, keep them waiting, subject them to hard to understand reps who don't half listen to the problem, don't follow up... The list goes on. Thye might as well tell the customer to jump off that mountain or drown in the sea.
A stellar and consistent display of customer service is the mark of a good agent. As a coach, I see plenty of agents who can … (6 comments)

corcoran coaching: Realtor as Superhero - Thanks to 203k Plan - 05/15/09 12:29 AM
With all the great foreclosure and REO bargains these days, buyers appear to have a lot of choices.  Many of these properties require some work to make them livable, either because the former owner was unable to maintain it, because the home was trashed by the angry owners or thieves, or because it sat too long. A Realtor who works to match buyers with this type of home has several roles.  As an agent working on commission, of course making the sale is important.  As an advocate for the buyers, he needs to make them aware of what in entailed in … (5 comments)

corcoran coaching: Virtual Assistants - Another Way to Build a Team - 05/13/09 12:09 AM
The other day I wrote a post about team building.  Much to my surprise, the people who commented on it noted that they either didn't need a team because their business was small or they liked the exhilarating feeling of doing it all.  I certainly advocate the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it approach."  If doing it all is working for you now, great.
Obviously, a big overhead in terms of salaries drags down many companies, large and small.  For someone starting out or trying to make it through a tough economy, a lean staff - that perhaps consists of … (2 comments)

corcoran coaching: Ways to Turn Clients into Raving Fans - 05/08/09 07:23 AM
Are you developing the skills necessary to be a successful agent in the next century?
This means learning the new technology that will make you more accessible while offering the service that will kept bringing clients back.
Embrace ongoing relationships with your clients.
Build your networks and constantly add value.
It's a blend of the new and the time-tested that brings in clients and keeps them.
For additional information and guidance on this topic we have posted an article on our website entitled "Ways to Turn Clients into Raving Fans" for you to review.
Commitment for the Week:
Show us your … (4 comments)

corcoran coaching: Do You Negotiate or Manipulate? - 05/06/09 05:29 AM
Manipulation must be instinctual.  Ask any parent of a two year old.  Even by that age, baby knows that flirting with daddy or screaming for mommy will probably get him what he wants.
Negotiation skills, on the other hand, are learned.  The person who wants something offers the other person something they might want in return.  Even parents get to the point where blind love makes them realize that their kids are manipulating them, so the kids acquire a new skill set.  It so happens that the ability to negotiate is crucial to successful real estate deals.
My words of wisdom for … (0 comments)

corcoran coaching: Change Your Mindset and Thrive in Your Business This Year - 05/05/09 04:22 AM
"The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office."  Robert Frost
The secret to success in real estate - and in life - is much closer than many of us realize: it is right inside our head.
During my years of helping Real Estate Teams thrive, I have found three distinctions that separate the successful from those who constantly yearn. It is based on attitude. And the good news is, by shifting your mindset, you can see dramatic results.
For additional information and … (9 comments)

corcoran coaching: Well. What Did They Think? - 05/04/09 10:07 AM
When we hold an open house or a showing, our sellers nervously await the reaction of the potential buyer.  When the much-awaited call from the showing agent does not come, it falls on us to seek out the followup.
The reasons you call the agent who showed your listings are:
To jog the agent's memory about the house so that you may be able to get a second showing. To answer any questions or concerns that the buyer expressed so that the house will be reconsidered. To get the impressions of the buyers or agents that might help you to better … (3 comments)

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