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 Any dedicated bargain hunter who scours the Long Island listings is not surprised to find among the most deeply discounted entries one of two notations: foreclosure or short sale.Everyone knows what the “foreclosure” designation means—it’s been repossessed by the bank. It’s an REO (real estate o...
 A couple of recent developments made the news recently that promised to impact Long Island, NY’s real estate scene either now or in the future. The one that got most of the attention last Wednesday came from a familiar source: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Her news conference’s less-than-s...
Even the least vigilant of Long Island’s market-watchers had their antennae out this April, the traditional time of month when real estate statistics are released from the most authoritative sources. National trends in home sales frequently provide clues to the direction the Nassau and Suffolk Co...
Several different surveys confirm that if you ask American consumers which they prefer, close to twice as many say they would choose to move into a brand new home rather than an existing one. But—and there are several important ‘buts’—when it comes to today’s typical Nassau and Suffolk County hou...
Right now, just a few days into spring, we are right at the start of Bellmore’s peak real estate selling season. I’ve always found it odd that you don’t hear much about it—but that also makes it the beginning of the buying season, too!As a licensed New York Realtor®, throughout the course of the ...
It might sound shocking, but Huntington’s homeowners—present and future—have DTIs!Although the press has been largely silent, it’s important that the public be fully educated on the subject. But before anyone calls an emergency meeting to see what can be done…The good news is that, despite how di...
There is something about spring that gets everybody at least thinking about fixing up the house, and it’s that time of year again. Throughout the length and breadth of Long Island, home décor decisions are being pondered. Ambitious landscaping and fix-up plans are being laid, budgets drawn, and t...

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