residential: Springtime in NY Can Prompt Home Décor Disagreements Between Couples - 04/02/16 06:09 AM

There is something about spring that gets everybody at least thinking about fixing up the house, and it’s that time of year again. Throughout the length and breadth of Long Island, home décor decisions are being pondered. Ambitious landscaping and fix-up plans are being laid, budgets drawn, and troops assembled (the troops will be armed with paint brushes and rollers, hedge clippers and rakes).
Perhaps it’s the weather; perhaps the angle of the sun—or maybe even last Sunday’s clock-adjusting exercise—for whatever the reason, this time of year is when we look around the house and decide changes will be made!!
It’s also the … (0 comments)

residential: Long Island Home Prices Affected by Renovation Decisions - 03/06/16 07:44 AM
 Here’s an instant spot quiz— (see what comes to mind within a second or two):
You decide to sell your Huntington, NY home, and assuming you had a crystal ball, what’s the most important detail about the sale results? Quick! Answer!
If you’re like seven out of ten people, you were curious about the bottom line: “how much did it sell for?” Some people come up with “how long did it take?”—but usually, that’s the second or third choice (“what were the buyers like?” is another contender).
It’s hardly surprising, the closer they get to placing their own home on the market, price is foremost … (0 comments)

residential: Long Island, NY Tenants Benefit from Professional Property Management - 03/06/16 07:41 AM
 Everyone who owns a rental property in New York makes a continuing management decision concerning how much of the day-to-day operational responsibility to outsource. Some are inclined to tackle the nuts and bolts of tenant management, while others are content to leave it to one of Long Island’s professional property managers.
If the main motive for acquiring the rental was for its value as a long term real estate investment, there is an increased likelihood that a local Long Island professional property management firms will get the nod. Beyond the dollars-and-cents dimension—which can boil down to a calculation on how you value … (0 comments)

residential: NYC Testing a New Mortgage Idea: a 3% Down Payment - 03/06/16 07:38 AM
A recent announcement­­ that should get the attention of a large segment of would-be Nassau / Suffolk County home buyers­­—particularly those­­ who have been stymied by the difficulty of trying to build their credit scores by paying all the monthly bills on time while simultaneously saving up a pile of cash for a down payment.
For too many Long Island nine-to-fivers, the two ambitions are achievable—just not at the same time. Although inflation hasn’t been horrendous, even a modest degree of rising prices causes a crunch for those whose incomes are flat. For many Americans, coming up with the down payment … (0 comments)

residential: “IoT” and the Future of Long Island, NY Home Automation - 03/05/16 12:54 AM
Home automation is going mainstream.
There: I said it. We all knew it would happen, but some of us hoped it would happen later. The prospect of our house being smarter than we are has been out there since as far back as when the first Terminator movie hit VHS (or was it Beta? Or Betamax?)…
Anyway, the “Smart House” idea has always had such a science-fictiony patina, it allowed many Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners the valiant hope that the whole thing might be delayed—at least until there was a flying car parked in every garage. Now it looks like our hopes … (20 comments)

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