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Neighbor/competitor/family member/friend/postman: "So, how's work been lately?" You (business-owner): "Oh, you know. Keeping busy." Sound familiar? For business-owners, "keeping busy" has long been a trusted stock response to polite inquiries about work. It's taken to be a good thing, the altern...
For thousands of years, storytelling has been considered sacred for all it can achieve-forging connections, inspiring change. People ache to tell their stories, to share their experiences with the world around them, because they inherently recognize the power in doing so. Throughout my career, I'...
The short answer: as hard as it takes for those boundaries to break. I've said often that if you're not turning someone off, you're not turning someone on. You can't please everyone with creative work. And, in fact, you shouldn't try. If you do, you're producing something lukewarm, something med...
Ask for what you want. My favorite lessons are always the ones I learn from my wife. And this one is one of the most important lessons I learned early in relation to my marriage and Writers of the Round Table (yes - the parallels are many ).  When it comes to communication, he who opens his mouth...
I'm almost embarrassed to say that our company is thriving in this down economy. The last three months have been the best ever by more than 10%.  What's the secret?  One word: TRUST.  In this environment people are looking to trade their hard earned dollars for an experience they trust.  In ente...
This is an older article I wrote with Bea Fields that I wanted to repost: In your business and in your life, intentional growth takes effort and focus. Sure, you may have a so-called business plan or even personal goals. You may even have them in writing. Moving from ideal to action, though, take...
Unless your customers live underground, they are inundated with advertisements from the moment they wake up to the moment they drop gratefully back into bed. There are bold-lettered newspaper ads and unnaturally upbeat TV commercials during morning coffee. Loud-voiced radio announcements on the w...
What sets your business apart from the competition? Really-think about it. It's easy to spew out generic answers like "customer service" or "attention to detail," but don't you think your competitors are claiming the same things? No, what sets you apart from your competition is the story of your ...
These are the main points to a speech I used to give years ago and still emphasize whenever I get the chance, because I truly believe they are the touchstones for the success of any small business: DEVELOPMENT: Most businesses understand and implement development; most in fact, devote too much ti...
How many times a day do you hear a radio or TV ad with rueful, obvious acknowledgement of the recession? You know, the ones with over-earnest voice-overs that begin something like this: "These days, we're all cutting back on expenses," or "Now every dollar has to stretch a little farther"? As tr...

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