marketing strategy: How to Help Your Writing Help You - 02/02/11 01:18 AM
One thing you have got to realize and take so seriously is that every piece of writing that you let out into the world is going to work for you FOREVER. That means that it is going to represent you to people who have never heard
One thing you have got to realize and take so seriously is that every piece of writing that you let out into the world is going to work for you FOREVER. That means that it is going to represent you to people who have never heard of you, and many who have read nothing else … (4 comments)

marketing strategy: Let's Be Real: Why Defining Core Values is Crucial to Effective Marketing - 01/31/11 02:33 AM
Let's face it. Your customers don't want to hear that deep, echoey radio voice holler at them to get to your car dealership TODAY, TODAY, TODAY! There are better ways to get your message across.
There are authentic ways to get your message across.
What are your business's core values? Core values are the guiding principles that define what your business represents and hopes to achieve-and thus sets it miles apart from the competition. If you haven't done it already, sit your overworked butt down and write them out. I don't care how many other things you have to do. If … (1 comments)

marketing strategy: How do I avoid being too sales-y with my writing? - 01/19/11 02:22 AM
This one's easy.  Don't SELL in your writing.  Focus on providing valuable information.  The goal of your writing is actually not to sell.  It's to demonstrate your validity as an expert in your field.  Few people have the ability to close a deal with writing alone.  You need your writing to invite people into your sphere.  From there you have to find a way to relationship build, either through personal contact, blogging, vlogging, working on small projects, advising, etc.  Once the trust is there, selling happens naturally.  So spend your time giving away the information you have been working so hard … (3 comments)

marketing strategy: Use Blogging to Add Dimension to Internet Relationships - 01/04/11 06:12 AM
  Not long ago, any business that functioned primarily over the Internet was looked at with suspicion, even straight-up mistrust; many times, rightfully so. But these days, the Internet has given legitimate businesses a virtually unlimited forum for serving customers-and it's expanded the way customers do business as well; now they can look beyond local brick-and-mortar establishments to find experts in nearly any industry. But the trick to doing business online (and over the phone) is finding new ways of building relationships and establishing trust. Enter blogging.
Consider this: Your website is the face of your business, right? It's the first … (2 comments)

marketing strategy: How Blogging is a Form of Storytelling - 12/23/10 01:21 AM
For thousands of years, storytelling has been considered sacred for all it can achieve-forging connections, inspiring change. People ache to tell their stories, to share their experiences with the world around them, because they inherently recognize the power in doing so. Throughout my career, I've seen the many ways that stories can be told: through film and plays, dance and song, books of every length, genre, and style. But the really cool thing about the times we're living in is that new ways of storytelling pop up all the time. And guess what? Blogging is one of them!
What started as … (0 comments)

marketing strategy: Three Ways to Use Story Based Marketing - 12/03/10 04:38 AM
We're using story-based marketing more and more with our clients, to fantastic results. Here are three ways to take marketing tools you probably already use and, with the right team behind you, transform them to story-based marketing.
Blogs Most businesses have incorporated a blog onto their site-and most businesses don't understand how to really harness its power. Your blog is the direct line between you and your customer. Why waste that valuable connection by filling it with transparent marketing ploys? Save the press releases for your News section and use the blog to help readers understand the character of your company. … (4 comments)

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