costa rica real estate investments: Costa Rica Live-in Maid for $200 - 09/01/08 12:23 PM
Living in Costa Rica has numerous advantages. The sheer variety of activities available for enjoyment and the spectacular sights you can visit throughout the country make life here a constant adventure. If you add this to the availability of modern conveniences, many large malls to choose from, excellent cultural activities, an exciting nightlife and superb medical services at very reasonable prices, then you can begin to understand why so many people have chosen to live, work, and retire in Costa Rica.
One of the aspects I enjoy most about life in Jaco Costa Rica is the excellent cost of living here which … (13 comments)

costa rica real estate investments: Cuba to USA now Retired in Jaco Costa Rica. You can do it to - 08/30/08 10:12 AM
It was a beautiful and sunny Friday afternoon where they graciously welcomed me into their impeccably decorated seventh floor condo. They gave me the grand tour and then quickly got me situated with a delicious glass of red wine and some munchies before they began to convey their life story.
To understand what lured them to Jaco Costa Rica it was first necessary for me to get clarity on the lives of these great people, the following is their story.
Tania and Alfredo are originally from Cuba. They met at the high school talent show, started dating and got married shortly … (8 comments)

costa rica real estate investments: Questions - 08/27/08 05:55 AM
Hi Everyone.  I just got started yesterday and was wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to start off my site.  I currently run my business in Costa Rica and there is no place for international on the site.  So I put in my town that I grew up it.  This is very small town and there isn't alot of agents in that area.  Should I change my setting to a town that has more agents and also fits the profile of the buyer that I'm looking for here in Costa Rica.  Any comments would be appreciated.   Thanks.

costa rica real estate investments: Top Ten Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica - 08/27/08 05:35 AM
1- Location, Location, Location.
Costa Rica is among the most highly sought-after tourist destinations. Its strategic position in the heart of the Western Hemisphere, infrastructure, access to international
markets, labor quality and cost, as well as its government's positive attitude towards foreign investment, make Costa Rica an ideal setting for retiring, investing, or living. Costa Rica's natural and geographical diversity provides sound options for a wide range of luxury, retirement and Costa Rica vacation homes.
2- The view you were looking for.
Costa Rica covers 19,730 square miles (51,100 km2), and though it accounts for only 0.3 per cent of the world's … (0 comments)

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