costa rica real estate: Costa Rica, the new frontier! - 09/05/07 05:27 AM
Many of you are still looking at Costa Rica as the new frontier and looking at the past few years of real estate and property development, one may think you are right.But now the mainstream real estate investment world has caught on and areas such as Tamarindo, Jaco and Quepos have seen the same boom as San Diego, California.So should you still invest in Costa Rica?The answer is yes.You should.But knowing where is the key.You may not want to buy property at sky high prices in Malpais and Santa Teresa (even though we are still finding great deal there), but rather … (7 comments)

costa rica real estate: Why Costa Rica? - 08/25/07 07:11 AM
Costa Rica is the place to be, and for countless reasons. You can relax, go out have fun and there is always something going on. I have lived in San Diego for 20 years and thought it was the best place on earth. Well ... it isn`t. Costa Rica and areas such as Santa Teresa and Malpais beat it. Anyday. Costa Rica right now is what San Diego was 50 years ago when my friends grandparents bought properties cheap. Costa Rica is on the verge to explode but right now the country is still in the beautiful and natural stage that … (0 comments)

costa rica real estate: New Construction in Costa Rica - 08/10/07 06:17 AM
I have mixed feelings when it comes to building in Costa Rica.
I have been to Tamarindo.
Tamarindo is what happens when people don't really care about anything other than making a profit.
It's becoming a concrete jungle and drugs and prostitution are rampant.
I see Costa Rica as a wonderful place and would hate to see it go down the drain due to economic seduction.
We are now in an era where green construction becomes a widely known term and one of my partners specializes in it.
As the real estate market cools off a little bit, more and more projects are coming up in the … (2 comments)


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