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I left off Part 3 right after the purchase of a $550,000 1 ¼ acre lot outside San Jose, Costa Rica. I was on my way, beginning the laughably easy permitting process. Here is a photo of the mountain on which my lot is located, taken from Escazu, where I currently live on the weekends, when I can s...
I left off Part 2 on the verge of buying my "dream lot" in the Central Valley town of Santa Ana, west of San Jose and next door to Escazu, over an acre and a quarter of  land looking west, in a platted subdivision near the top of a small mountain. But, I couldn't get to the rest of my tale withou...
I left off Part 1 with a hint of what was to come, a slow descent into Costa Rica real estate.  It might be genetic. My Mom was an agent for over 20 years, and at her peak owned 19 rental houses. Luckily, she's also a psychologist. My background was in real estate law, then the savings and loan b...

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