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I came back from Canada this week to find a state of emergency declared and most major roads closed at least part of the week. This is the height of Costa Rica's rainy season, from late September through early November. Luckily, the waters recede quickly, so that traffic is now restored between S...
This is off-topic, but I can't resist.Today marks an important moment in the history of Costa Rica. For the first time, the people are deciding, in a direct referendum, the fate of the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement among the United States, the Dominican Republic, and the other na...
The article below is from Friday's edition of The Tico Times,, and is reprinted with permission. If it's too long, the take away is first class knee replacement surgery that would cost $45,000 in the U.S. was done for $12,000 in Costa Rica.I travel between The Oaks condo...
Diary of a neophyte. Only one week to go before the Trump Real Estate Wealth Expo in Calgary! Todd and Danielle told me they heard there is "a bit of selling". I hope they're right. Well, marketing anyway.Including rental of a 10 by 10 exhibitor booth, booth accessories, air fare and hotel rooms ...

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