costa rica: Worst Presidential Election Ever? Visit Costa Rica now, beat the rush - 05/21/16 03:23 AM
Steak or fish. Or write in Costa Rica.
Why is travel to Costa Rica up so much this year? Hmmm. 
Now is a great time to check out your future life in Costa Rica. Surf? Snorkel? Scuba? Paddleboard? Golf? Bike? Bird watch? Monkey watch? Ride horses? River raft? Zip line? Volcano climb? Enjoy privacy and nature?
I have lived just outside Tamarindo ten years now.  Blue skies, white sand beaches, no army, little traffic and a wonderful mix of neighbors from everywhere. OK, bad roads, but better than before. Really.
Eight years ago I finished The Oaks Tamarindo, a luxury mid-priced community with four pools, … (2 comments)

It´s incredible, but this year more than ever it´s time to plan your Costa Rica Christ
mas vacation in July. In years past, you have searched the web for deals, made numerous phone calls and sent countless emails, all in search of the perfect Costa Rica vacation. And in the end, you either paid big bucks or you settled for accommodations that truly were “second best”.
This year we are making it easy for you. There is a new luxury condominium project waiting for you located midway between Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal. The Oaks will finish its first year after opening … (0 comments)

costa rica: ASTHMA ATTACK IN COSTA RICA - 06/15/09 01:55 PM
This morning my long term girlfriend, Rox, suffered her first asthama attack in over six months, here in Escazu, a suburb of the capital city of San Jose. We had just come back from vacationing in moist, hot weather in Bocas del Toro, Panama to rainy, chilly weather in San Jose. Where we live, in Guanacaste, the weather is hot but dry, so asthma problems had been history.
Anyway, it´s seven in the morning, Rox can´t breathe, and off we go to a "doc in a box" provided free by the Costa Rica state run health care system. Only problem is, … (1 comments)

costa rica: WANT TO SMILE ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK? - 04/27/09 01:54 PM
Want to smile all the way to the bank? Costa Rica developer looks for a few adventurous agents.

I am a developer in Costa Rica,,, and I have a high class problem. My first phase is 80% sold out, and I have 30 owners who want to rent their condos on a weekly or monthly basis. I want to put a smile on your face and on the faces of my owners.
I am looking for one person in a thousand on ActiveRain (that´s 144 of you). One person who is up for the fun and adventure … (2 comments)

costa rica: COSTA RICA RENTALS, UPDATED - 03/31/09 11:43 AM
A year ago, I wrote:
• If you decide on short term rentals, you should register as a tourist establishment, publish notice of your registration and collect and pay your 16.39% sales and tourist taxes.

Well, a change in the law, and another year of experience, and it´s time for an update. Woke up Sunday morning to another day of sunshine, opened the daily newspaper, La Nacion, read all about Vuce President Joe Biden´s visit to Costa Rica, Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega´s call for U.S. aid (the more things change...) and, way in the back of the paper, found out … (1 comments)

costa rica: Costa Rica: A Good Place to Hide Out? - 03/07/09 08:07 AM

Nearly six months ago, from Costa Rica, I posted "Bush and Congress Agree on Bailout Blunder?" The more things change, the more they stay the same.
If you read the footnotes to banks´balance sheets, banks are getting decimated by write downs of assets caused by mark-to-market accounting. They then go to TARP to replace some of the "lost" equity, go to Congress to get publicly whipped by folks who should know better, but don´t, and go to the market to raise new capital, when they can, at extraordinary cost to their existing shareholders. And we wonder why banks don´t lend. … (0 comments)

costa rica: A SLICE OF LIFE - 05/11/08 07:18 AM

Where is this maneuver being practiced?
Unless prohibited, a three-point turn may be used to turn around on a narrow, two-way street. You may be required to make one of these turns on your road test.
To make a three-point turn:

•1.    Signal with your right directional, then pull over to the right and stop. Signal with your left directional, then check carefully for approaching traffic.
•2.    Turn left, cross the road so you come to a stop while facing the left curb or edge of the road.
•3.    Check again for traffic. Turn your steering wheel as … (1 comments)

costa rica: TIPS ON LEASING YOUR COSTA RICA CONDO - 04/03/08 10:04 AM
We finished construction on our first 30 condominium units at The Oaks Tamarindo before Easter, and some of our owners already have begun renting out their units. Out of 30 units completed, 5 units are being rented out on either a short term or a long term basis. We are using the 3 units that we are not selling as model units, a home for our manager of guest services, Ana Lorena, and as VIP units for local dignitaries. One of our owners even has set up his own web site.
First, let's start by stating the obvious. (It makes blogging so … (3 comments)

costa rica: Discovering Costa Rica…Part 4: How I Made a Million Dollars in Two Years - 08/31/07 06:19 AM
I left off Part 3 right after the purchase of a $550,000 1 ¼ acre lot outside San Jose, Costa Rica. I was on my way, beginning the laughably easy permitting process. Here is a photo of the mountain on which my lot is located, taken from Escazu, where I currently live on the weekends, when I can sometimes take a break from my condo project, The Oaks Tamarindo  
But first, I had to get my architect to prepare the "anteproyecto".  This is a preliminary plan that shows planned construction, including everything except actual construction plans. For example, the "footprint" … (4 comments)

costa rica: Discovering Costa Rica, the start of an adventure…Part 3 - 08/18/07 07:37 AM
I left off Part 2 on the verge of buying my "dream lot" in the Central Valley town of Santa Ana, west of San Jose and next door to Escazu, over an acre and a quarter of  land looking west, in a platted subdivision near the top of a small mountain. But, I couldn't get to the rest of my tale without some unconscionable delays.
 Life intervenes. Construction on my project, The Oaks,, has advanced to the point of finishing the model unit. This is good news, as the first buyers will start moving in within 90 days. This is fun, … (5 comments)

costa rica: Discovering Costa Rica, the start of an adventure.... Part 2 - 08/02/07 02:37 PM
I left off Part 1 with a hint of what was to come, a slow descent into Costa Rica real estate.  It might be genetic. My Mom was an agent for over 20 years, and at her peak owned 19 rental houses. Luckily, she's also a psychologist. My background was in real estate law, then the savings and loan business. Maybe I felt withdrawal pains, as I sold my condo in Coconut Grove in 2005 at $500 a square foot, or about $5,400 a square meter, insanely above even the most overpriced gringo offerings in Costa Rica. I was a little … (2 comments)

costa rica: Discovering Costa Rica, the start of an adventure - 07/31/07 04:51 PM
I have been coming to Costa Rica for about two and a half years now, and have been living and investing here for about two years. While this by itself does not qualify me as an "old-timer", my journey may be one that others choose too, each in your own way and to your own place. Mercifully for the reader, only two and a half years to cover.
First a confession. I did not come here for the real estate. My journey began wholly  by accident. While living in Miami, I began dating a special Latina. It turned out that she had grown … (10 comments)

costa rica: Costa Rica /Annexation of Guanacaste Day and annual weather - 07/29/07 12:34 PM
Monday we are celebrating a national holiday in Costa Rica, the Annexation of Guanacaste Day, commemorating the 183d anniversary of the annexation of Guanacaste.  On July 25, 1825, the citizens of Guanacaste peacefully voted to secede from Nicaragua and become a part of Costa Rica.
The celebration is Monday because it fits better with a second holiday Thursday for the Virgin of Los Angeles, the patron saint of Costa Rica. An annual pilgrimage of the faithful begins today and concludes Thursday at the Basilica in Cartago, the seat of the Catholic Church in Costa Rica, where the image of the Virgin … (1 comments)

costa rica: Father's Day in Brasilito, Costa Rica: off roading before the rains came - 07/22/07 03:27 PM
The photo is of me and my daughter Cat this Father's Day in Brasilito, Costa Rica, just before we went four wheeling the beaches and back trails, including some humongous mud holes! I did not put up the "after" pics. This is a great thing to do during the rainy season. One of my best Father's Days ever. Cat is finishing university in Santa Barbara and thinking about coming down for a year or so when she graduates this winter. I am developing a mixed use condominium, nature reserve and retail project between Brasilito and Tamarindo, The Oaks, [] . … (3 comments)

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