san jose: THREE QUESTIONS THAT EVERY VISITOR ASKS: #1 - 01/07/08 05:04 AM
People who have never visited Costa Rica always ask me the same three questions. Is it safe? How is the medical care? Is the real estate market going up?
Let's start with safety. Having lived here now for nearly three years, and in two different areas, one being the beach areas surrounding Tamarindo, the other being the mountains outside San Jose, I have accumulated some sense of life here and a feeling for the question of safety.
Personally, I feel much safer, physically, living in Costa Rica than I did living in either Miami or L.A. The stories that I hear from … (1 comments)

san jose: Discovering Costa Rica, the start of an adventure.... Part 2 - 08/02/07 02:37 PM
I left off Part 1 with a hint of what was to come, a slow descent into Costa Rica real estate.  It might be genetic. My Mom was an agent for over 20 years, and at her peak owned 19 rental houses. Luckily, she's also a psychologist. My background was in real estate law, then the savings and loan business. Maybe I felt withdrawal pains, as I sold my condo in Coconut Grove in 2005 at $500 a square foot, or about $5,400 a square meter, insanely above even the most overpriced gringo offerings in Costa Rica. I was a little … (2 comments)

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