seattle wa real estate: Seattle's Green Lake Neighborhood Events Highlights - 06/24/09 08:56 AM
Summer 2009 in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood!
Besides going around the lake in many varieties of ways, the Seattle neighborhood of Green Lake offers a lot of other great things to do this year! 
The wading pool opened and will be open daily from 11-8PM as long as the weather is 70 degrees:)
Woodland Skatepark open daily
June 25th 6:30-8:00  Wine tasting at Green Lake PCC
July 11th 10AM   Milk Carton Derby...
July 18th 10AM  Seattle Parks & Rec Low Cost Life jacket Sale  7201 E GreenLake Dr N, Seattle, WA

Are you interested in Greenlake real estate … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Twitter Riders On My Signs... - 06/22/09 05:41 AM
Is Your Seattle Home on Twitter?  A follow up to a few popular Tweets..... I had tweeted a while back that I had started adding Twitter riders to my for sale signs around Seattle.  I got a ton of responses ranging from "why would I ever do this" to "wow that is a great idea!", but most of my signs do have this rider on them.
I obviously agreed with the latter or I would not have invested the funds to have some gorgeous wooden riders made for my company signs, but my reasons might surprise you.  I fell head over … (2 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Fremont Real Estate: Homes Search - 06/10/09 11:01 AM
Looking for what's available in the busy Fremont neighborhood of Seattle?  Here is a newly designed Seattle real estate search site has a great page on Fremont!  Check it out here:
Fremont Homes
I love Fremont and spend a ton of time there both personally and also showing property buyers interested in this wonderful neighborhood!  Fremont is just North of Queen Anne across the Fremont Bridge - this neighborhood offers an eclectic lifestyle and big views of the canal.  Fremont is the definition for urban living in Seattle if you ask me - restaurants and shops galore plus great walking and … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: 3% Down For Seattle Investors, Too - Have You Checked This Out? - 06/08/09 07:40 AM
Seattle, I thought that this was something worth passing along - The HomePath Mortgage Financing (some details from their site) Low down payment and flexible mortgage terms (fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, or interest-only) You may qualify even if your credit is less than perfect Available to both owner occupiers and investors Down payment (at least 3 percent) can be funded by your own savings; a gift; a grant; or a loan from a nonprofit organization, state or local government, or employer No mortgage insurance* No appraisal fees Also eligible for HomePath Renovation Mortgage (see details below) Home Path Renovation Mortgage Financing - Financing to … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Greenwood Homes in Seattle: A Prime Example of Seattle Living! - 06/05/09 09:08 AM
 Greenwood is a great neighbrohood in Seattle! 
Greenwood is actually one of the first neighborhoods of Seattle that I lived in - I loved shopping at the Fred Meyer on 85th, Top Ten Toys, and Gordito's back when they were located across the street from their current location.
My favorite in Greenwood?
Gorditos - healthy Mexican food  (unless you eat too much)
My least favorite thing about Greenwood?
The sink holes if you happen to live in the bog...  Many homes are right on the edge, though and out of the bog...

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seattle wa real estate: Seattle Real Estate: Really cool house in Seattle! - 06/02/09 09:32 AM
 This is such an amazing opportunity for someone!   This house is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that I just love:
Just look at some of the pictures! Need more info on Seattle real estate?  Want to see the entire photo gallery for 9042 6th Ave NW ?We also help you get your closing costs paid in full!
Lots of room... Just under 4000 sq feet of finished space with an almost finished space as well  - currently being used as a workshop (needs flooring and ceiling sheetrock, but already has new wiring, sheetrock on walls, and recessed ceiling … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Downtown Seattle Condo Market Update - 05/20/09 07:50 AM
Downtown Seattle Condo Market Numbers - May 2009 There are 147 active condo listings in Downtown Seattle right now that are available for sale! They range in price from $199,950 for a zero bedroom/1 bath Downtown Seattle Studio just on the other side of I-5 to a private residence at the Four Seasons for $8,706,000  with a couple more luxury Downtown Seattle Condos over that 8 million dollar mark.  Despite those glorious luxury condos with full on Puget Sound views over the bay, the average listing price right now for Downtown Seattle real estate is $1,152,934 and the median is $629,000.  Average square footage … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Green Lake/ Wallingford Cute House With Big Views! - 05/03/09 08:53 AM
Green Lake with Views!Location: Green LakeGreen Lake Craftsman in the Sky: Charming South-facing Green Lake Bungalow high up off the street with big views of Mount Rainier! This house is right in the heart of Seattle with easy access to I-5, Green Lake, University of Washington, Wallingford, Downtown, and more! Professionally landscaped with wonderful sunny fenced back yard. Three bedrooms, one bath, living and dining rooms, plus a rec room/family room downstairs, too! Kitchen and bath have been updated and there is a great eating nook peeking out into the backyard. Wood floors, newly painted, and even a wine cellar! Tons … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Green Lake Homes For Sale In Seattle: A Few Highlights - 04/29/09 06:38 AM
Looking for great Green Lake (Greenlake) homes in Seattle?  Green Lake is such a great neighborhood and there are some wonderful listings out there right now.  Here are a few highlighted:
1010 N 47th St
This house has 3300 square feet of finished amazing spaces!  Mountain and city views, expansive Owner's Suite and probably the nicest MIL apartment in Seattle.  This one is a real find right on the border of Wallingford and just blocks from Green Lake and Woodland Park!

731 N 70th St
This is a great Seattle home right in the … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: I am not selling you a house!!!! What? - 09/02/08 04:06 PM
 Seattle is a great place to buy a house, but I am not selling you a house!   I am a Seattle Realtor, but I absolutely do not sell houses.  I don't sell dreams or sell great investments.  You see, I can't stand the traditional cliché of a sales person,  and I have never considered myself to be one.  In fact, I was an accountant before I ever became a real estate agent and the sales people drove me nuts!  I mean no disrespect towards any of you genuine sales people out there, but I am just not one of you.  … (15 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Real Estate: Online Marketing Is Huge! - 08/27/08 04:42 AM
Seattle real estate 2008: 
I have seen a lot of sellers frustrated in 2008 over the changing Seattle real estate market, but there are still great buyers out there and your house can sell if properly positioned on the market!
I have done Seattle selling tips before, but I wanted to touch on a few more as far as marketing your home and why you should make sure your agent is internet savvy... 
Seattle real estate marketing - These are what I consider to be the three biggies after price and location of course:)
Let me know what you think - It is so important … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle: Updated Down Payment Assistance Program Info - 08/26/08 08:35 AM
Seattle real estate:  Down Payment Assistance - This week, I have been running around making sure that my clients that need help with their down payments are getting their offers in pronto!  You may already know that the door to down payment assistance is closing (hopefully temporarily) on October 1st, but there is more info you need! 
Many of the lenders are already setting deadlines for the last day they will take these contracts for buyers who need help with their down payments.  If you need help with your down payment to buy a house, you need to get the offer … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Today is Beautiful, but I Don't Think It Will Last... - 08/23/08 05:59 AM
Seattle:  I like this rainy day ferry scene... I have a couple showing appointments today in Northern Seattle and I am thrilled that it is such a nice day, but tomorrow does not seem to be looking as nice!  I actually heard that we might get another summer rain for the end of August just in time for my open house!
I like that the rain makes my grass green since I refuse to waste water keeping it green in the summer, but I also feel like Seattle has gotten robbed out of quite a few summer days this year!  I actually … (6 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Staging?(These Were Not Mine): The Rest Of The House Was Great, But......... - 08/19/08 05:01 PM
I love Staging!  Staging is one of the major things I think should be done in this day and age when you are selling a house in this market. I want all my listings to be cleaned and Staged!  A buyer needs to be able to come into a house and feel comfortable with the surroundings!  I was in a house the other day that for the most part had some drop dead gorgeous Staging through out, but there were a couple VERY STRANGE things and I had to share!

Dried beans and waxy candle leaves..... This first … (4 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle: Last Call For Down Payment Assistance - 08/19/08 03:13 AM
The door is closing for now... If you are interested in buying a house using down payment assistance, then you need to be looking right now.  All loans with down payment assistance programs must close before October 1st!  That means you have to close by 9/30 in order to qualify for the program. 
 Here is how is works: Talk to your lender and make sure that you qualify for the program first.  The lender will have all of the details specific to you and your situation.  If you qualify, then we find a house that is priced so that you can … (3 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Cell Phone Recycling: Go Green & Recycle Your Cell Phone While Providing Scholarships! - 07/09/08 09:53 AM
Looking for what to do with any of those old cell phones you have sitting in your junk drawer?  Seattle King County Association of Realtors sent me a great idea for what to do with them, so I am volunteering to collect your old cell phone for you to support this cell phone recycling drive in Seattle.  Proceeds go toward scholarships through the Seattle First Citizen Scholarship.
According to SKCAR, here are some of the things that could happen to your old cell phone:
1.  I f the phone is good and still holds a market value then it will be … (1 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Real Estate: Summer Seems To Be Here! - 07/09/08 03:28 AM
Seattle real estate buying or selling?  Summer FINALLY seems to be here!  Ready, set, go!!!!  Time to get out there and check out all of the great properties and neighborhoods out there!  Summer in Seattle is primo looking time for houses because it is so pleasant AND you can actually see those mountain views!
I have seen some great properties all over Seattle and Seattle suburbs including condos, townhomes, and stand alone single family residences.  I have been amazed at how wonderful some of the Built Green houses are - I love the different materials that go into making these homes … (1 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Real Estate: Mortgage Rates Are Up & Down, But Here's A Tip: - 06/27/08 02:18 PM
Seattle real estate has been tricky lately.  Buyers are getting pretty much what they want and sellers are learning to play ball.  Yes, the mortgage rates as of late have been all over the place and have a huge impact on affordability when it comes to buying a new house. 
Looking in your correct price range is helpful when it comes to avoiding sticker shock.  The only way to know if you are in a good price range for your situation is to talk to a good mortgage person! Rates change, but looking at an appropriately priced house to begin with … (2 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Relocating To The Seattle Suburbs: Choosing a Seattle Suburb To Move To - 06/19/08 11:23 AM
Looking for the best Seattle Suburbs? 
Want to know which Seattle suburb is the best one to relocate to with kids?  Which Seattle Suburb has the best urban villages or Built Green architecture? Seattle suburbs have a lot to offer!  Here is more info on some of the best Seattle suburbs around:
Seattle suburbs real estate
Interested in Seattle real estate? Seattle suburbs real estate? Seattle short sales? Seattle foreclosures?
Courtney Cooper ....For all your Seattle Washington Real Estate Needs! Seattle Area Real Estate Agent: Broker and Realtor serving North King & South Snohomish County.  Seattle Real Estate and Seattle Suburbs!  … (0 comments)

seattle wa real estate: Seattle Real Estate: A Lot MORE Should Go Into The Advertising Of Your Home! - 06/19/08 08:39 AM
Seattle real estate:  I sell Seattle houses!  I sell Seattle suburb houses!  I am a Seattle Realtor!  I work hard for my clients and make sure that they get my highest attention to detail!  I blog and advertise on at least 20 to 30 sites.  I send out post cards and make flyers.  I show my listings often! I have a list of potential buyers that I send my listings to.  I even hold Seattle Open Houses!
I work very hard for my clients!  Why am I telling you this?  Because today when I looked in the NWMLS at a Seattle … (1 comments)

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