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I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. What does that mean exactly? Of course, I know what a rock is, but what is a hard place? Or should I ask, where is a hard place? Does it mean I'm caught between a rock and another rock? Or am I stuck between a rock and something harder than a rock? What...
I love to explore. It's in my nature. When I come across a road in my area that I have never traveled, I feel compelled to discover what lies ahead on the road and where it will take me. Sometimes there are nice surprises. There may be an old building here or there to photograph, a beautiful farm...
Does everything seem to go you way? Have you been the beneficiary of years of good fortune and have you always been in the right place at the right time? Well, good you for! That's just grand. But for a lot of us, kismet is not part of either our business plan or our life's direction. We don't re...
It's a fair question. When we look back at our lives and careers, we often think of different episodes in our saga as successes or failures. It's an interesting analysis, because of lot of our self worth really depends on what we consider important in life. There has to be a benchmark established...
Some years back, several members of my family would come to Georgia for an annual golf outing. Since Spring comes earlier here in the South than in Pennslyvania or Connecticut, we would play  at my course in April. One year, I had a few friends that wanted to play too so I set up a little mini-to...
In my previous post, Even the mightiest of the mighty can be brought down by the smallest thing. I talked about how important it was to not overlook the small details we encounter in business. One of the best ways to do this, is to rely on a solid support structure of  dedicated professionals tha...
In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the high elevation spruce-fir forest has been under attack for several decades, and the tall Douglas and Frasier firs and the Eastern Hemlock are being lost forever. What is interesting is that these might giants are succumbing to the tiniest of enemies...
Have you had enough of going around and around with no clear ending in sight? Are you depending on chance to decide how far you will go and what steps you'll take next? Are you hoping that others will make the wrong move so that you will benefit? Have you been ignoring strategy and good planning ...
There are times in life when we need to make a decision. Sometimes the view of the road that leads forward is obstructed, and we can't see what is on the other side of the tunnel. We could stay where we are, nestled and safe in the sanctuary of familiarity, or  we can continue on, ready to accep...
One of the best hikes in the Helen Georgia area takes you from the lodge in Unicoi State Park to the gazebo in Downtown. Start by driving North through Helen, then right (east) on Georgia 356. Turn right after you enter the park on the driveway that leads up to the lodge. There is plenty of parki...


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