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In mid to late October, the fall foliage colors will peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Nearly two million visitors will travel to the Park to experience the most colorful season of the year! In addition to autumn leaf color, fall is also a great time for wildlife viewing. Visitors a...
There is an undercurrent awash in the already choppy waters of the real estate industry. And while one can adequately defend against that which is overtly posing an immediate threat, it can be very difficult to address that unseen hazards that lie beneath the surface. Unsubstantiated rumors are o...
After the record breaking floods in the Atlanta area over the past few weeks, we are still discovering some unpleasant after-effects of the disaster. We are having some closings delays as appraisers for some lenders are being asked tp re-evaluate potential damage from floods and excessive rain an...
I had a catastrophic crash on my computer a few weeks ago due to a hardware failure. I had been eying new laptops for some time, but now there is a new sense urgency pressing me on to a purchase. In addition to my hardware requirements there is a new wrinkle in my selection process. On October 22...
Yes it's true. Years ago I used to generate the bulk of my income from trading stocks on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis. My computer monitor was always displaying trades as they happened, and all of the pending bid and ask prices of my favorite trading stocks were prominently indicated. I ...
Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" I am a big fan of both college and professional football. I enjoy watching my favorite teams compete each weekend in the fall. But it irritates me when...
Wow, that's a tough question. With the first time homebuyer's tax credit deadline just a little over two months away that is the $8000 question. And it is, of course, impossible to answer. Every case is different, and while it may be possible to get the deal closed by the deadline, there are no g...
After the catastrophic crash of my computer last week, I decided to purchase a new mass storage device. I purchased a one terrabyte external hard drive for about a hundred bucks. Wow, that's an unbelievable ten cents a GIGABYTE! I remember purchasing one megabyte of RAM back it 1990. I thought th...
I receive many calls every day inquiring about listings or requesting other information. And I can usually tell within a minute or two whether or not the caller is a serious prospect. I base my responses on what I perceive to be the level of sincerity of the caller. After all, I am very busy, and...
Coweta County Georgia was rather fortunate during the devastating Atlanta area flooding that occurred over the last few days. We did not experience the record rainfalls that pummeled the metro area with deluge after deluge of precipitation. However, Coweta County is downstream from Atlanta and th...

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