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Over the last several years we have seen an increase in the number of buyers that are paying cash for their homes in CowetaCountyGeorgia. There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon, but in many cases local buyers are weary of investments that yield less that 1% per annum and want to seize...
One of the questions that I get quite often is about the time limit of a written offer in Georgia. Buyers want to know how much time they should give the seller to respond to their offer. Before that question can be answered, one must first understand why there is a time limit at all: The purpose...
To clench the failing grip on time,So tightly that tired fingers numb,The loosened grasp, the hold gives inAs petals washed from clinging limbs!      (R Weisser 2013) How often do we try to hold on to something far too long? Whether it is a possession, a belief or tenet, or even a way of doing bu...
When we develop property, we use our resources and ingenuity to transform it from its natural state into an environment suitable for housing or other purposes. Once the property has been repurposed, it’s a constant struggle to hold Nature at bay. We mow our lawns, we trim our shrubs and we do out...
By now most people have realized that the real estate market is robust in Coweta County Georgia. A dearth of inventory has buyers scrambling to purchase suitable properties. But is now really the time to sell? The answer to that question is that it all depends on your reasons for selling. Home ow...
It’s one of the basic principles of real estate: No two parcels are EXACTLY alike. As a result, when we try to compare properties in an attempt to establish a value for a subject property, all we can do is assemble all of the facts, interpolate the data, and offer our best guess. But there are th...
There is nothing quite like Spring-time in the Great Smoky Mountains. As the days lengthen and the ground warms, like reawakens on the steep slopes and on the forest floor. The show starts in March and continues into July. Depending on the species and elevation, one can discover various blooming ...
This question comes up quite often: “How do I get out of a real estate contract?” And the answer is actually quite simple. And I’m not going to keep you in suspense: Consult an attorney. You see, this is a legal question and not a real estate question. Real state brokers and agents are not lawyer...
There are many reasons for buying real estate in any particular locale. Schools, shopping, proximity to work, and services all play a role in the formula of “location, location, location!” Equally important are the lifestyle amenities that a community has to offer. Parks and recreation facilities...
Where once the merchants plied their wares,And planters news and gossip shared, Now forlorn empty remnants standOf towns that years ago were grand!             (R Weisser 2013) Unless one took time to read the historic marker, it would be unlikely that a passerby would even know that the town of ...


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