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Have you noticed that there are a lot more ads in the newsfeeds on the major social network sites? As a matter of fact, sometimes there are so many ads interspersed in the feed that a lot of the “social” is lost in the network. And if that is something that we do not like about the direction that...
I’m still trying to close a “short” sale that we started working in March 2012. It’s being serviced by one of those large banks that has part of a continent in its name. The cavalcade of failures from inception to the present would be laughable if it were not so frustrating. But one pervasive ele...
In furrowed rows and tended fieldsThe plot explodes with Summer’s yield.At last the weary gardener learned,The harvest isn’t won, but earned!       (R Weisser 2013) Gardening is always a great allegory for business because it embodies all of the essential elementa of success in a clear understand...
One of the more interesting offshoots of the advent of new communication technologies is the growing obsession for data in every aspect of our lives. Decisions are no longer based on conjecture or gut feeling. Instead, even the simplest determinations such as deciding where to eat are based on a ...
Have you ever told a story and did not get the reaction you expected? And then it dawned on you that you left out a very important part of the tale that caused it to make sense to the listener? Often it’s too late to insert the omitted detail and get back on track. Once the cat is out of the bag ...
I just got back from a trip to Pittsburgh for a family event. We had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating the marriage of a beloved nephew. But these days, one needs to be extra careful about online security, because it’s so easy to give away too much information without even real...
Efficiency is often touted as the lynchpin of production. As the number of tasks to be performed swells while the amount of time in a day dwindles, getting the most out of every minute becomes a proposition of increasing significance. One of the things that I have found to be most helpful is to h...
The robust real estate market in Coweta County Georgia has created a demand for houses in all price ranges the likes of which has not been seen for several years. As a result it’s a great time for those wishing to make a change in their current real estate situation to get a current market analys...
I entered a HUD bid for a client last week and despite the fact that the bid NETTED more than the list price the bid was cancelled by the asset manager. Now I understand having a contract not accepted if a superior bid was accepted but this was not the case. The house was pulled from the market. ...
With houses in short supply the competition for the best properties has escalated to a near frenzy. One of the cool things about real estate is that every property is unique. Unfortunately, when it comes to bidding on these sought-after properties there can be only one winner and a lot of “would ...


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