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It’s a thought-provoking question for anyone that wants to write about real estate or the real estate industry: Has everything that can be said about real estate already been said? After all, the Internet is saturated with millions and maybe even billions of real estate related information tidbit...
A lot of buzz on the Internet over the last few days was sparked by one of the big real estate aggregator sites implementation of a pre-listing marketing vehicle. It occurred to me during one of these online discussions that brokers that do not have uniform marketing procedures in place could fin...
The view is quite a different one When looking outside in,What once seemed to be as plain as dayIs now opaque as tin,Could I have been so oblivious?Which led to my chagrin,Because the view is quite a different oneWhen looking outside in!     (R Weisser 2014) Perspective is an attribute that can b...
These days most consumers of any goods or services start their research on the Internet. After all, searching on the Internet is a fast and easy way to access information. Buy there is a problem. A lot of information on the Internet is incorrect and therefore not only useless, but could in fact b...
It’s so hard to get things doneWhen life gets in the way.So close the window blinds and shunThe glaring light of day!Eschew the nagging blooms that stealOur precious time away,And focus on each task and deal.There is no time for play!Distractions big and small assail,And must be held at bay,Undau...
In the face of declining revenues, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has decommissioned Sprewell Bluff State Park near Thomaston Georgia. Although the property is still owned by the state there will no longer be any park facilities maintained by the state. It is sad that the preservatio...
As Zeus from Olympus gazed uponThe feats of heroes, gods and man,So too, from my lofty perch I spyOn Nature’s gifts and passers-by!       ( R Weisser 2014) In Summer in the South, porches are generally reserved for the cooler early mornings and later in the evening. In the early hours, the neighb...


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