buyers agency: What are the duties of a buyer’s agent in Georgia? - 06/25/13 03:17 AM
As a real estate consultant, I am often asked what is expected of buyer’s agents in the State of Georgia.
And in Georgia, the answer is actually very simple.
Because in Georgia all real estate agency agreements MUST be clearly defined in writing. So the buyer and the agent are free to negotiate any duties (or lack thereof) that they wish. This is often defines as “level of service.”
The only exception is that the agent must obey all state and local laws, rules and regulations.
In Georgia if there is no written agreement, there is no agency.
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buyers agency: Has buyer’s brokerage run its course? My answer may surprise you. - 08/22/11 01:07 AM
When I first sold real estate in 1984, buyer’s brokerage was rarely practiced and even more rarely compensated. The theory was at that time that if the buyer wanted an agent to represent them, then the buyer should be the one that pays for it.
The actual implementation of the concept usually only occurred in commercial real estate transactions. For whatever reason, business buyers seemed to grasp the notion that the entity deriving the benefit from the service should be the one that pays for it.
After some significant litigation in the early 1990’s in which residential buyers claimed they had … (63 comments)

buyers agency: Putting the Genie back in the bottle. Many buyers today reject representation. - 03/28/11 01:45 AM
When I started selling real estate in 1984, the phrase “buyer agency” was rarely mentioned and even more seldom employed.
Unless a buyer chose to pay an agent out of their pocket, (which never happened to me or any agent that I knew,) all agents represented the seller either directly or as a sub-agent.
This resulted in landmark litigation in which buyers sued brokerage companies that purported to be the “buyer’s agent” but in actuality were agents of the seller. Buyers DEMANDED representation, and it became customary for sellers to pay for the buyer’s agent.
As a consequence buyer’s agency became … (22 comments)

buyers agency: The agency debacle. Who is responsible for the mess that exists in the real estate market of today? - 10/07/09 12:37 AM
I got a call yesterday that started: "I would like to check the availability of your listing at..."
The only problem was, it wasn't my listing. I immediately realized that the caller had found the property on one of my IDX website and assumed it was my listing.
I politely asked "Are you an agent?" The caller said "no" but that they had an agent that was helping them and that he was just checking availability for him. Now, since there was already a listing agent and a buyer's agent already involved, I simply asked the caller to please have their … (80 comments)

buyers agency: Why does every real estate agent want me to sign a contract before we look at houses? Buyer's Brokerage in Georgia - 05/11/08 01:43 AM
 "We just want to look at houses, but every agent we call wants us to sign a contract before we ever go out and look. We feel that the agent that finds the house we want should be the one that gets paid."
This is a common response I get when a potential buyer is presented with a brokerage agreement. They feel that I am trying to force them into a commitment before that have seen the first property. They think I'm painting them into a corner, forcing them against their will. But Consider this:
The widespread use of the buyer's … (21 comments)

buyers agency: Why all the fuss about buyer's agents? - 02/22/08 06:33 AM
When I started selling real estate in 1984, rarely was the term "buyer's agent" ever used. At that time, if a buyer wanted an agent, the buyer had to contract with and AGREE TO PAY the agent representing them. Cooperating agents were sub-agents of the listing agents, and represented the sellers.
All of this changed somewhere in the late 80's and early 90's. Buyers DEMANDED representation and in many cases, sued sub-agents for not disclosing their agency status. Consumer and civil rights groups demanded change, and indeed, every state adopted some kind of legal buyer agency to ensure that buyers … (0 comments)

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