buying a house: Why buy a house? At the end of the day you have to live somewhere! - 05/02/14 03:13 AM
One of the most interesting aspects of the real estate industry is that it is not necessary to convince anyone that they need a place to live.
As a consequence of that simple tenet, there is always an underlying endemic demand for housing.
The only governing forces that temper demand are affordability and availability. Finding the right property at the right price is often as confounding as the riddle of the Sphinx.
And when demand is high, competition to stake a real estate claim can be fierce.
Many buyers are often surprised to discover that buying a house is not as … (6 comments)

buying a house: Needs and Wants V. Inventory! - 01/14/14 10:57 PM
Potential home buyers in Coweta County Georgia must first face one stark reality:
There are less than 650 single family houses listed for sale on the MLS. There are also currently 250 house under contract.
This translates to slim pickings in general, and as each additional criteria is applied the number of homes available for sale drops dramatically.
For example, if you want a single level home with a full basement from $200,000-$250,000 there are only three that are available as of the date of this article. If you want one less than 20 years old there are NONE!
In times … (9 comments)

buying a house: Has a truce been declared in the bidding wars? - 09/08/13 11:32 PM
With interest rates slowly creeping up and inventory levels remaining constant there seems to be a slight lull in the bidding wars for fairly priced properties.
Some of the attrition is logistical. With each upward tick of prices and interest, the pool of qualified available purchasers subsequently diminishes.
But there is also an emotional element that seems to be contributing to the mild cooling off of buyer demand.
The days of the SUPER bargain are over. Buyers are no longer as motivated to grab a house on the cheap. Buying a house is now a more practical consideration.
And that’s the … (10 comments)

buying a house: The worst house buyer ever! - 06/12/13 11:12 PM
I happen to know the worst house buyer in these parts.
He once bought a house totally sight-unseen without doing any research at all. The only facts at hand being that he was told that it was a new home with three bedrooms and two baths.
He and his wife lived there for fifteen years!
The next time around he made a perfunctory viewing of the house. The whirlwind tour was so brief that he couldn’t remember anything about the house, including the fact that there were no light fixtures installed.
Now twelve years later he and his wife still … (73 comments)

buying a house: Are you buying a house, a location, or a lifestyle? - 05/10/13 10:32 AM
Buying a personal residence is a unique endeavor. One must choose to purchase based on any number of requisite criteria.
What makes the decision process more challenging is the fact that every parcel of real estate is unique. No two are exactly alike.
And no two are in exactly the same place. We have ALL heard the mantra: "location. location. location."
So one does not only have to choose the sticks and bricks, but must also determine where the amalgamation of construction materials is situated.
Are there parks nearby? Hospitals? Good schools? Shopping? Restaurants? Transportation? Cultural amenities? Jobs?
Because you are not … (3 comments)

buying a house: The house lottery! Who is going to win it? - 03/28/13 01:14 AM
As I wrote the umpteenth offer for the same buyer late last night, I offered this observation about our inability to successfully place a house under contract:
“Buying a house is becoming more and more like a lottery.”
You submit your highest and best bid and take your chances. It’s that simple.
The law of supply and demand is driving up prices. List price means nothing.
Will it appraise? Nobody seems to worry about it anymore. They insert a contingency and renegotiate later if the appraisal comes in too low.
Bidding on a house is no longer about buying it.
It’s … (22 comments)

buying a house: Ten years later we KNOW what we need in a house. - 04/10/12 10:09 PM
Ten years ago today we moved into our "new" house in Coweta County Georgia. It is hard to believe that a decade has already passed since we relocated to the Newnan area.
When we bought the house, we had a lot of "must-haves" on our list of things that we thought that we really needed in a home. Things like a basement that was stubbed for a bath so that we could expand our living space.
Of course, ten years later, the basement project still awaits initiation. Instead of being finished, the basement is now a repository for all sorts of … (8 comments)

buying a house: Good houses that are priced right still sell very quickly. - 10/25/11 01:51 AM
Despite what is depicted on television or proffered online, there is an incredible demand for good houses that are priced right.
Just about every buyer is looking for a bargain, but most still seek a move-in ready house in a good location. The problem is, those houses are few and far between.
So when one pops up on the market, there is a mad dash to see it and to put something on paper with the thought that even if the offer is not immediately accepted, a “highest and best” scenario will occur.
It’s frustrating for both buyers and their agents, … (13 comments)

buying a house: “I want a house just like this … but in better condition and in a better location … at the same price!” - 08/10/11 01:24 AM
How many times have we in the real estate business heard declarations like that? The client likes the essentials of the house, but they don’t like the area or the amount of repairs that need to be done.
We can always find a house in better condition and in a better location. But there is a price to be paid, because the value of real estate is directly related to these attributes.
There are only two choices for the buyer. Settle for less than you want or increase your price point.
Because the laws of supply and demand still hold true. … (18 comments)

buying a house: How long are you going to wait before you decide to buy a house? - 07/14/11 12:40 AM
There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to purchasing a home. And the current real estate market is volatile and rife with uncertainty.
But regardless of the condition of the market in ANY given area, there are some undeniable facts about purchasing a home that cannot be overlooked:
You have to live somewhere anyway. Buying a house to live in is NOT an investment. Purchasing a home is taking control of your own housing destiny.
Interest rates are at historic low levels, which make the purchase of any property more affordable and competitive with renting.
If … (20 comments)

buying a house: Can you get any house you want for any price you want to pay? Well … yes …but… - 03/24/11 01:15 AM
Many buyers consider themselves to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to making an offer on a property.
And while it is essentially true that the laws of supply and demand have tilted the playing field in favor of the buyer, there are still some factors that are beyond a buyer’s control.
One is that seller’s have the final say as to whether or not an offer is acceptable to them. Can they be misguided? Yes. Can they be delusional? Yes? Can they be stubborn? Of course.
Two, and more importantly, there cannot be someone else that is … (30 comments)

buying a house: How much is passion worth when making an offer on the purchase of a house? - 01/23/10 12:12 AM
In our area, Newnan Georgia, we have a lot of value priced properties that attract many buyers. In many of these cases, the highest bid is either accepted on an electronic Internet system, or the listing agent calls for “highest and best bids: by a certain deadline.
When I am representing a client and they ask me how much they should bid in these scenarios, I always reply with this question:
“Is it more important for you to get a bargain or this house?” And it’s a fair question. It is possible to offer too much for a house and that … (24 comments)

buying a house: When did buying a home become so hard? Sometimes a deal that seems too good to be true really is just that! - 06/09/09 11:58 PM
I am constantly befuddled by the trepidation experienced by some buyers when purchasing a house that is not based in any factual reality.
We see some amazing deals that fall into the "no-brainer" category, and I have seen many potential first-time buyers lose out on a fantastic opportunity because of an irrational fear of not getting exactly what they want or the best deal possible.
But when you can purchase a home with no money out of pocket, have a payment that is less than what you are currently paying for rent on a property that is superior to where you are living … (24 comments)

buying a house: Home buyers: Before you make an offer on a house, determine if the property is appropriately priced from the get-go. - 04/28/09 02:41 PM
In our local real estate market in Newnan Georgia, most homes are listed at fair market price based on condition and the market. Sellers have become savvier, and they understand that it takes a low list price to attract buyers.
But many purchasers lose buying opportunities because they believe that every house offered for sale is supposed to be delivered in perfect condition. So even though a property is deeply discounted, they expect to deduct thousands from their offers to replace old appliances or re-sod the yard,
But you can't ask the seller to take the hit TWICE for the same … (23 comments)

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