coweta hud homes: Where, oh where, have all the HUD houses gone? - 08/15/11 01:01 AM
HUD homes for sale in Coweta County Georgia are becoming more scarce with each passing day.
And while at first that seems like good news, it really has me thinking that there is foul play afoot,
Because the number of foreclosures has not abated one has to wonder if the so called “shadow inventory” is growing as fast as the National Debt.
Is this a Keynesian attempt at market stabilization or is the motivation purely political? Either way there is trouble looming ahead when these houses are finally released into an already tenuous market.
My preference would be to sell them … (12 comments)

coweta hud homes: “Hurry up and wait!” “Our way or the highway!” “Take it or leave it!” Would you want to do business with someone with THAT attitude? - 02/09/11 12:10 AM
Bureaucracy is not a pleasant word. How is it that we have come to the point where we passively accept inadequacy when it comes to ANYTHING managed by government?
I am specifically speaking of selling HUD homes. The United States of America owns a ton of homes, and ostensibly there is a mandate to liquidate the inventory, preferably to owner occupants.
And yet HUD makes it as difficult as possible for a real estate agent to actually to participate in this mutually beneficial endeavor. Like any bureaucracy, HUD’s stance in “our way or the highway.”
Never mind that electronic signatures … (22 comments)

coweta hud homes: HUD homes are still a terrific option for buying a home in Newnan Georgia! - 12/16/10 09:39 AM
Newnan HUD homes have always been attractive for buyers looking for value-priced homes with affordable financing options in Coweta County Georgia.
One of the best reasons for purchasing a HUD home is that owner-occupants may qualify for and FHA loan with only $100 down. It’s one of the best opportunities around for buyer with income and good credit, but not a lot of cash on hand.
Best of all, HUD employs a blind bidding process that gives all owner-occupant buyers an opportunity to make an offer during the exclusive period!
If you need more information about buying a HUD home in … (3 comments)

coweta hud homes: You can still buy a $100 down HUD home! Newnan GA HUD homes for sale. - 11/13/10 02:08 PM
One of the best incentives for buying a HUD home in Newnan Georgia is the low down payment requirement for qualifying owner occupants.
Many buyers with good credit, steady employment, and satisfactory debt/income ratios may qualify to obtain an FHA 203B loan with as little as $100 down. Combined with low interest rates and competitive pricing, a HUD home is an attractive option for many Coweta County homebuyers.
In order to place a bid for a HUD home, a buyer must use a registered HUD broker or agent. Contracts are awarded based on a variety of parameters, such as price, closing … (2 comments)

coweta hud homes: Are we living in the land of the self-fulfilling prophecy? Why incentives may be sending the wrong message. - 08/25/09 11:34 PM
Perception is everything! We often hear the words "consumer confidence" bandied about, but what does that really mean? Is there some impetus that could change the way a buyer thinks?
Because if the economic ship can be righted by just implementing the simple act of inspiring confidence, the powers that be may be taking the wrong approach.
The endless stream of bailouts and buyouts and incentives actually sends the message that times are so desperate and consumers should only consider a purchase that involves some sort of governmental rebate.
Conversely, what would happen if the following concept was conveyed to the good … (20 comments)

coweta hud homes: A complete step-by step guide for purchasing HUD Homes in Georgia. Part Six of Seven: Taking the HUD contract through to closing. - 08/24/09 09:54 AM
In Part Five of this series What happens after you place a bid on a HUD home?  we learned the three possible outcomes of placing a bid on a HUD home.
In this chapter, we will assume that your bid was accepted, and that a contract was executed by all parties, and that the sale is moving forward.
The first thing that is substantially different about buying a HUD home than other kinds of foreclosures is that the utilities are not turned on. If you plan on doing an inspection on the property that you placed under contract, you need to … (16 comments)

coweta hud homes: A complete step-by step guide for purchasing HUD Homes in Georgia. Part Five of Seven: What happens after you place a bid on a HUD home? - 08/22/09 01:05 PM
In Part 4 of this series How to bid on a HUD home we learned how to enter a bid on a HUD property in Georgia. Now we will examine what happens after the bid is submitted:
Once you have entered a bid on a HUD home, you must wait until the offer deadline expires before you will know whether or not you have been successful and your bid has been accepted.
Usually, within a few hours of the deadline, one of three possibilities occurs:
No bid is accepted by HUD, and the property goes to a day-by-day  bid process. When … (5 comments)

coweta hud homes: A complete step-by step guide for purchasing HUD Homes in Georgia. Part Four of Seven: How to bid on a HUD home? - 08/20/09 08:58 AM
In Part 3 of this series How do you find a HUD home in your area that is for sale? we discovered that the best way to find a suitable HUD homes is to engage a real estate buyer's agent that is proficient in the HUD buying process.
Once you have found a HUD home that is suitable for your needs, it's time to consider making an offer. In the state of Georgia, HUD uses a blind bidding process that allows each potential buyer to enter a bid prior to a clearly defined bid deadline.
Before having your buyer's agent enter … (14 comments)

coweta hud homes: A complete step-by step guide for purchasing HUD Homes in Georgia. Part Two of Seven: Why should you purchase a HUD home? - 08/16/09 11:28 AM
In part one of this series: What is a HUD Home?  we discovered that a HUD home is a foreclosed property that had an FHA loan associated with it that was guaranteed by the United States government. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) actually takes title to the property.
Now in part 2 of the series we'll discuss the reasons as to why a HUD home may be a good purchase opportunity for a buyer:
First and foremost, HUD homes are priced in such a way as to encourage competitive bidding on the property. So many are priced below … (3 comments)

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