perseverance: You did a great job! And now we want you to “top it!” - 12/16/10 11:50 PM
Many years ago there was a television commercial about an employee that had invented his company’s top selling tire!
He was called before the board of directors where he received the accolades he expected. And after they concluded the kudos, they added one thing:
”Now, we want you to top it!” There is never any comfort derived from resting on your laurels. Yesterdays achievements fade away like melting snow, and the “what have you done for me lately” attitude dominates the workplace.
And as the bar is raised ever higher, “topping it” becomes quite the daunting challenge!


perseverance: If it doesn't matter if you win or lose, why do they keep score? - 12/14/10 11:55 PM
It’s an old sports question that rings true in business. A businessperson can be determined, skillful, well-trained and eager to work.
But if, at the end of the day, these efforts do not produce tangible results, the game is lost and the time has been wasted.
It is not enough to have systems in place and diligent work habits. These alone do not guarantee success.
Just like a football team that is ninety-nine yards frmo the end-zone and the resulting six points, a single failure to execute or a penalty can derail the drive and force a punt.
There are … (21 comments)

perseverance: The band rocked, my head hurts, and it’s a beautiful day in Newnan GA! - 07/24/10 02:50 AM
It was a typical summertime Friday night in the South. It was hot and humid, and the old watering hole was more reminiscent of a scene in a 1950’s “B” movie than a contemporary night spot.
The plastic fans were whirring, but the air was barely moving and the heat was stifling. But we were there to make music that is exactly what we did.
I am not certain if I was delirious from the sultry heat or affected by the attempted remedy of cold beverages, but the music was awesome.
And the crowd actually multiplied over the course … (18 comments)

perseverance: Sometimes the best laid plans are set asunder by unforeseen circumstances and there’s nothing left to do but buck up and deal with it! - 12/21/09 10:43 PM
Yesterday, there were some tell-tale sneezes. Last evening, my throat felt “cottony.” And during the night, the congestion started building in my chest and I started aching all over.
Christmas is three days away and it seems that I’ve picked up the bug that has been going around the office for some time. By Friday morning, based on the experiences of my friends, I will have a full blown cold.
But I can’t stop December 25 from coming and I won’t “wait until next year!”  Sick or not, I will fulfill my holiday obligations so that we can all enjoy nice … (38 comments)

perseverance: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or are we just getting in deeper and deeper over our heads? - 10/28/09 11:55 AM
There are many prognosticators that say the economy is bottoming out, while some say that there are darker days head. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong there is one thing that is certain:
The human spirit is quite resilient. And no matter how bad things seem to be getting, there are always opportunities to look towards better things that may ahead. And while the road ahead may be fraught with unknown perils, after all is said and done we can emerge from the depths of depression with a new appreciation for all that is good and positive in … (10 comments)

perseverance: There's something appealing about meeting a challenge head on. After all, if life was easy it would be boring! - 08/05/09 11:20 PM
We face obstacles every day in our professions and life in general. And typically, we are prone to complain about the hardships we are forced to endure. Nothing wrong with that way of thinking, after all, it's human nature.
But there is something exciting and exhilarating about meeting a challenge head on, and with perseverance and determination, being able to overcome it.
Because our greatest level of satisfaction is not derived from accomplishing the ordinary, but from achieving success against all odds.
And that is what makes life interesting!
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perseverance: What lies on the other side of the mountain? There's only one way to find out. - 12/16/08 10:56 PM
The word "obstacle" is peculiar. Although we use it often, we don't put a lot of thinking into the true meaning of the word.
For an obstacle is not a prohibition, it is only a deterrent. It is not a dead-end, it is a challenge. Because obstacles can be overcome with perseverance and determination, they are more of a hindrance than a point of termination.
Although we are faced with more obstacles every day in this difficult market, there are none that cannot be overcome by sheer will and the strength to keep moving forward.
We won't know what lies on … (32 comments)

perseverance: Why it's always a good thing to try to constantly strive to improve our work. - 10/28/08 01:46 AM
Over the course of our lifetimes, we meet a lot of people and travel to many different places. Some are incidental, and some make lasting impressions.
Every autumn, I take photos of the fantastic fall color! I travel to various locations, And there are certain spots that have a particular kind of attraction to me. These are the places where I have taken great photos in the past, and I always return with the intension of "topping" the previous shot.
Even though many of these spots are just a bend in the many miles of roads or paths, I remember exactly … (17 comments)

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