summer: Summer is officially here. Well, sort of! - 05/25/13 11:30 PM
Swift waters boil frigid cold,
And churn and plunge o’er rock and shoal,
Baptized ‘neath pools of icy depth
That shock the soul and seize the breath!
             (R Weisser 2013)
The Memorial Day Weekend is considered by many to be the official kick-off of Summer.
And although the Calendar says otherwise, Mother Nature sets her own standard for behavior and activity. And for all practical purposes, one shifts into outdoor mode and commences all Summer activities on the Memorial Day weekend..
Area lakes will be packed, the grills will be glowing hot, and gardens will be trimmed and tended. … (6 comments)

summer: Summer has "Set in" - 07/07/12 11:00 PM
As Old Sol’s furnace fueled and stokedLingered long and high by cloud untamed,From slumber Helianthus ‘wokeResplendent, Sun on Earth so named!                       (R Weisser 2012)
Now that Summer has “set in.” it’s time to enjoy all of the activities that the season allows.
The long days provide ample time to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening, and I prefer the “cooling off” period from supper to sunset for most of my outdoor activities.
It’s a great time for an evening walk at one of our local parks, or for enjoying the … (11 comments)

summer: The unofficial official start of Summer! - 05/26/12 10:05 PM
As wispy feathered tendrils stirOn windy wafts of steamy air,‘Tis Summer’s showy blooms, a sight!Mimosa fireworks pierce the light!      ( R Weisser 2012) 
Although we don’t technically observe the Solstice until June 20, Memorial Day Weekend is often touted as the “official” start of Summer.
And in Newnan Georgia, there are plenty of good reasons to kick off Summer with a bang. School is out, the heat is on, and there is plenty to see and do in the region.
My favorite Summer place is Chattahoochee Bend State Park. It’s Georgia’s newest state park and it’s located along seven … (11 comments)

summer: Summer comes early in the South. This year it has come even earlier! - 05/24/11 12:57 AM
They don’t call it the “Sunny South” for nothing! And while we typically expect late May and early June to be the first weeks of Summer, this year the hot temperatures that we normally experience in July and August have shown up sooner than expected.
As the Bermuda High sets in over the Atlantic, we are experiencing a mid-summer heat wave with temperatures reaching the 90’s. The same phenomenon is also responsible for keeping the rain in the Midwest.
And though we will be blessed with home-grown tomatoes a little earlier this year, it looks like it’s going to be one … (12 comments)

summer: “Endless Summer” takes on a whole new meaning! - 09/16/10 01:00 AM
Despite some controversy as to who uttered the actually quotation, it is believed by many that Mark Twain once said that “everybody talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.”
And while weather is generally a boring topic reserved for awkward conversational moments, this year has been rather remarkable when considering meteorological anomalies in Newnan Georgia.
The calendar is melting away, but the temperatures are not giving in to the seasonal change. And although the equinox is less than a week away, we will be experiencing afternoon high temperatures in the 90’s for the foreseeable future.
I like … (19 comments)

summer: Take a summer break at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! - 07/16/10 01:47 PM
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the United States, That’s because over 2/3 if the country’s population live within a day’s drive from the park boundaries.
Summer visitors often take advantage of cooler temperatures in the higher elevations. The Balsam Mountain Campground is the highest in the park and at over 5000 feet in elevation provides pleasant sleeping conditions during the hot months.
And of course, one can wade in an icy cold mountain stream that will chatter the teeth and offset the blazing southern sun! Be please be careful while you are in the … (15 comments)

summer: It’s official: Summer is here! As if we didn’t already know! - 06/21/10 01:23 AM
At exactly 7:28 A.M. EDT the Earth’s position in its annual trek around the Sun relative to the tilt of its axis established the maximum amount of daylight hours for the Northern hemisphere!
One popular misconception is that the Earth is closer to the Sun in the Summer. Actually, the opposite is true, as the northern solstice more closely aligns with aphelion, when the Earth is most distant from the center of the Solar System.
Here in the south, we have been experiencing the heat of Summer for the last three weeks, with daily high temperatures in the 90’s. That’s … (24 comments)

summer: "There ain't no cure for the summertime blues!" (with apologies to Eddie Cochran.) - 07/01/09 11:25 PM
I don't know if it's because the Fourth of July holiday is just days away, or if it's due to the hot weather, or maybe it's just the drudgery of working long hours everyday, but I've got a bad case of the Summertime Blues.
And that's a shame, because as a kid, I loved summer. The long, free days of being able to do exactly what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it cloaked me in a mantle of euphoria that I have not been able to wear since those days of yore.
Every day brought a new … (20 comments)

summer: Reflections on the first week of summer. I can sum it up in one word: HOT! - 06/27/09 12:18 AM
June is normally a very pleasant month here in the Atlanta area. It is typically the time when the summer warm-up sets in, but with evenings cool enough to open the windows and get some fresh air.
Not this year. The afternoon highs have been in the high nineties every day for the last two weeks, with high humidity that doesn't allow the air to cool during the shortest nights of the year. We hit 99 degrees in Newnan yesterday, almost unbearably hot for this time of year.
And the ten day forecast indicates that we will have high temperatures in … (13 comments)

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