time management: Once again the event horizon looms ready to suck us into oblivion. - 10/10/13 09:51 AM
In the world of physics, the event horizon is defined as the point of no return relative to a black hole.
Once the event horizon has been passed, nothing cam stop the nearly infinite gravitational force of the black hole from sucking the aforementioned mass into oblivion.
I sometimes feel that we are approaching the technology event horizon in the real estate business. It’s the point where all of the ancillary tasks revolving around technology maintenance consume all of our available time and there is no time left for actually selling real estate.
I am neither a Luddite nor a techno-junkie. … (8 comments)

time management: Getting the most out of every minute! - 07/21/13 09:06 PM
Efficiency is often touted as the lynchpin of production.
As the number of tasks to be performed swells while the amount of time in a day dwindles, getting the most out of every minute becomes a proposition of increasing significance.
One of the things that I have found to be most helpful is to have a regular schedule with specific amounts of time allotted for routine and perfunctory tasks and set open times for appointments and showings.
I generally inform clients when I am available and try my best to keep to a semblance of “normal” business hours.
Of course, there … (9 comments)

time management: I’m already running late today, and that's a good thing!! - 09/09/12 11:26 PM
The real estate business does not always run on a fixed schedule. There are times when even the best laid plans must be set aside.
The phone started ring EARLY this morning and during each conversation more numbers were beeping in the Caller ID display.
As a result, I am already running over an hour late. And it looks like it is only to get worse from here.
Being busy is a GOOD thing. Being overwhelmed is a little bit daunting.
But that’s just the normal day in the life of a real estate broker.

time management: Working the “Third” shift! And the First. And the Second. - 04/16/12 10:32 PM
In many manufacturing operations, the lines run non stop twenty-four hours a day. That usually means that there are three eight hour shifts that need to be covered.
The late evening to early morning time slot is often called the Third Shift. It’s the time normally spent by the masses drifting in recuperative sleep. But duty calls and there are many jobs that require workers performing their jobs during the wee hours of the morning.
And although it is less common for a real estate broker to be burning the midnight oil, there are times when a deadline has to be … (17 comments)

time management: When was the last time that you had a FULL day off? - 03/18/12 11:01 PM
Many people are drawn to the real estate profession because they want to be in charge of their own schedules.
And while it is true that we are in full control and have the final say when it comes to time allotment, the fact of the matter is that every day brings surprises that can throw even the most organized scheduler off kilter.
And as far as a FULL day off, that is to say, one with NO real estate business conducted, it just doesn’t happen.
I know for a fact that over the last four years I have written at … (19 comments)

time management: Down and out in Newnan GA! - 03/05/12 09:04 PM
I have to leave my car at the shop today for some too-long deferred repairs. As you might expect, the universal forces have conspired against me and I have a million things to do.
My gut tells me to postpone the work but after nearly not making it home last night I know that prudence must override my natural instincts and it looks like I will be without wheels all day.
Machines need maintenance. It’s a fact of life. But in the real estate business, if we don’t have transportation we are dead in the water!
And that’s just the way … (14 comments)

time management: How many hours a day do we spend “waiting?” - 02/28/12 09:40 PM

We all have been there. We are pressed for time, the pressure is on, and the web page or application is taking forever to load.
As we watch the clock tick and our internal thermostats approach the red zone, we chant: “come on, come on, come on” or “not now, not now, not now!”
The simple truth is this: Despite our techno-wizardry and highest tech gadgets we are spending more and more time every day of our lives waiting.
I can’t help but wonder how much time is lost in a day, a week, a month or even a year. … (46 comments)

time management: The battle against time can be won with determination and a positive attitude. - 02/12/12 01:56 AM
Now turn and face the fierce onslaught And brace for battle ever fought ‘Tis Time that charges from beyond The battle’s lost, now yield the ground!
                         (R Weisser 2012)
It’s hard to believe that it’s already the middle of February. It seems like we just celebrated the New Year.
2012 is whizzing on past us in a blur, and it seems that time is always leaving me behind. I have so much that needs to be done, and precious little time to do it.
When I was a young man, it felt like I had plenty of spare time to … (11 comments)

time management: Sometimes it seems that there is never going to be enough time to get it all done. - 01/15/12 01:47 AM
O’ take me to that sheltered coveAlee from blustered Arctic’s howl,To pause by red-eyed embers glowTo thaw the bone-chilled weary soul.                       (R Weisser 2012)
The real estate profession is very time-demanding. Time that is not spent helping clients is usually relegated to finding new customers.
It’s a never ending cycle of “closing” old clients and “converting” new prospects. The pipeline must be maintained and flowing freely at all times.
But like everyone else, real estate brokers still have to maintain some semblance of a “normal” life. But since we are in … (21 comments)

time management: When your “to-do” list becomes your “should have done” list! - 10/17/11 02:06 AM
It happens to the best of us. Despite the best of intentions, sometimes the pressures of deadlines and last minute interruptions force us into task triage, in which we must allocate precious time to the most pressing issues at hand.
After these intense episodes, it is often easy to forget about some of the more mundane items that were passed over. As time passes, these tasks tend to be relegated to the “one of these days” category.
It’s human nature to procrastinate. But there are times when indifference comes back to bite us.
When the name in the caller ID instantly … (18 comments)

time management: Catching up during the “short” week is always a challenge! - 09/06/11 01:17 AM
No doubt about it, today is a Tuesday that feels more like a Monday. It’s the start of a holiday “Short Week’”
And even though we work all seven days in the real estate business, much of what we do is directly related to the financial industry which still adheres to “banker’s hours.”
As a result, offers on bank-owned properties have gone nowhere, and our buyer’s loans have all taken a break from being processed.
Which means there is going to be a lot of catching up do. Today will be somewhat frenzied.
But it’s all part and parcel to our … (16 comments)

time management: Some days you just have to throw the schedule out the window! - 07/20/11 01:05 AM
The real estate business is full of surprises. And because it is a “people” business, anything can happen on any given day.
So try as we might to adhere to a schedule of task and appointments, in reality some times things just happen and you have to make adjustments “on the fly.”
Which often results in a lot of catching up very late at night in a sometimes vain attempt to get the following day back on track.
Today is already starting out to be one of “those” days. I have a lot on my plate and some deadlines to meet. … (25 comments)

time management: Around the world before the second cup of coffee! - 06/30/11 01:34 AM
I knew today was going to be one of those days! I had to get up early to do a “Ready to Close” inspection of a property that was due as soon as possible.
Then I remembered that I had to remove the electronic lockbox, and my Supra key was at the office which of course, was in the opposite direction.
Sometimes there are no simple solutions so I was out the door before 6:00 A.M. and drove to the office and grabbed the key, and headed for the property. Fortunately, it was still early enough that rush hour traffic … (12 comments)

time management: Is it the moon or something else? What makes some days more hectic than others? - 06/21/11 12:31 AM
Yesterday was one of “THOSE” days. One of those days when the phone doesn’t stop ringing and that a lot of tasks need to be done by a certain time.
I often wonder what causes so much activity on any given day. Especially on the days when nearly all of your time is already blocked out.
It could be the position of the moon, or maybe it is the Summer Solstice that wreaked so much havoc. But the pressure was intense and I didn’t get my mandatory reports submitted until less than an hour before the midnight deadline. I have … (13 comments)

time management: The list of unfinished projects continues to grow, as “spare time” becomes an increasingly precious commodity - 08/29/10 02:14 AM
Like everyone else, I have a list of unfinished projects that need addressing. I’m not really talking about things that I want to do or am planning to do, but projects that have already been set into action, with money spent and time invested.
The unfinished items include everything and anything from some incomplete home improvements to revamping several websites to getting better organized.
As the list continues to get longer and longer, I have dismissed my inability to keep up as a natural occurrence commensurate with my age. Perhaps I am slowing down a bit as time takes its … (20 comments)

time management: Commitment beyond the immediate. How much of your future time have you already allocated? - 08/12/10 01:02 AM
In business, we are always striving to find new methods and tools to enhance our productivity and our bottom line.
And very often, we set a new plan in motion with the understanding that we are going to have to spend a little time on implementation and training. That is part and parcel of any new endeavor.
But what we often fail to consider is the amount of FUTURE time that must be allotted to keep the system in effect. Many of these complex tools require daily maintenance tasks or continual input and updating.
And so as multiple business systems … (13 comments)

time management: Have you ever tried to do so much that you don’t get anything done? - 03/12/10 11:34 PM
Nobody wants to be a failure. And for a lot of us, it’s hard to say “no.”  But drive, ambition and the desire to please everyone can often lead to everyone being disappointed!
There are practical and tactical limits on our ability to produce and we must be cognizant of our constraints at all times.
How often have you called a doctor when you are sick only to learn that he or she cannot see you until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow? The doctor understands that you need treatment, but also fully understands that to properly treat as many patients … (33 comments)

time management: The days are getting longer and that’s good because I need the extra time! - 02/03/10 11:14 PM
As we emerge from the darkest days of the year and as our planet races towards the equinoctial point, something stirs inside each of us that urges us to start moving! Our agrarian heritage that is ingrained in our DNA instinctively causes the hibernating organism to awake from its state of torpor and to reignite the eternal struggle for survival. And although it’s still freezing outside, spring is not far away. It’s time to get moving, there’s a lot that needs to be done. And so little time to do it!  

time management: What day of the week is it anyway? Muddling through the holiday confusion. - 01/01/10 11:03 PM
Christmas and New Year’s Day fell on Friday this year which has led to quite a bit of “day” confusion. As a result of back-to-back four day weekends, my internal colander is in complete disarray.
Is today Saturday or Sunday? Was yesterday Friday or Saturday? Are the banks opened or closed? Does the mail run today?
Is the mortgage payment due? What about the credit cards? It seems that holiday torpor has taken its grasp and there has been a hibernation in which time seems to have stood still, but in reality it has not.
Wow, I am running behind. … (32 comments)

time management: This is the hardest week of the year to work! But work we must because that’s what we do. - 12/20/09 10:41 PM
It’s always extra tough to schedule work when Christmas is on a Friday. This of course means Christmas Eve is on Thursday, which translates into a very short and frenzied work week.
And the things that need to be done are often more exacerbating because a needed vendor or contact is on vacation or out of the office preparing for the holiday. It’s a game of cat and mouse between now and January 4th.
Oh yeah, that’s another thing, Since New Year’s Day falls on a Friday there are two weekend days before offices open on the following Monday! So it’s … (25 comments)

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