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I have a question for everyone reading this:  How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?    Right away you're wondering what  am I talking about.  Well, I was recently listening to a seminar and the speaker asked that question?  Actually, it was quite an informative seminar, a lot of good stuf...
One of the biggest fears of a Loan Officer is not know what they are doing.  This is really nothing new.  Anyone who's ever been in the mortgage business had a time where they didn't know what they were doing.  The important thing is to keep doing SOMETHING!  Whether you feel it's right or not, k...
Loan Officers are always looking for the one tip that will help them close every loan.   They seek out that one program that will instantly bring borrowers to their door.   They will try a new script everyday because yesterday's didn't work for them.I'm here to tell you there is no magic bullet, ...
I wanted to give everyone a head's up about this:The next RMT teleseminar is scheduled for Tuesday May 6, 2008 at 4:00pm est, 1:00pm pst.The Title for the teleseminar is "Inner Game Basics:  How Your Inner Game dictates your income as a Loan Officer".The teleseminar is schedule for ½ hour with a ...
Have you ever just stopped to think of what used to get you all pumped up when you were younger?  Maybe your favorite song, maybe a television show you used to like?Have you ever did some research just to relive some of these feelings?  What did it feel like after you heard that song or saw the t...
How does a Loan Officer stay focused in this type of market?In terms of the "Inner Game", staying focused has nothing to do with current market conditions.  If the market is soft and the phone isn't ringing, your mind can wonder away from doing what you need to do to get more business.  If the ma...
I think the older we get, the more we let the creativity go in our lives.  Remember when you were a kid, what you thought about?  Some wanted to be a fireman.  Others a ballerina.  As we got a bit older, boys started thinking about the car they wanted to drive; a Ferrari, a Porsche or maybe a cla...
Loan Officers are constantly looking to gain that edge, to find that magic widget, to make the whole process easier for them.  Guess what, they hardly ever find it.Why is that?  Could it be they are looking in the wrong place?  Maybe their focus is more on finding the next "shortcut to success" r...
OK, this will be what my partner calls a "shameless plug", so bare with this post.There is a new downloadable E-Book out designed to give Loan Officers an edge in the business.  The e-book taps into the minds of different Mortgage Professionals throughout the country by means of an interview form...
No matter who you are, you probably have some sort of "natural skill" hard wired into your brain.  Natural ability can be defined as some kind of activity you do that just comes easy for you.   Some folks are good with numbers, some folks find it easy talking with strangers, some are in tune to t...

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