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I was with someone the other day who was not a Loan Officer, but the conversation did get me thinking about people within the mortgage industry.  The conversation was about personal appearance, but  I won't get into detail about it.   Anyway, from that small conversation I started thinking about ...
A lot of Loan Officers struggle with one aspect of our business, prospecting. It can also be termed as finding clients, brining borrowers in, getting new business, ect. You get the picture.The issue sometimes isn't really why the business isn't coming in, but rather the issue is why you can't cre...
What do you think about as a Loan Officer? Here's a tip, don't focus on what you do have that you don't want, focus on what you DO want.Your mind is a powerful thing, it can make you do things you have no idea you're doing. If you really understand how powerful it is, then there is almost nothing...
There are some Loan Officers that spend a lot of money on things such as cloths, cars, jewlery, etc. But they never think to invest a dime on their personal growth. They want to impress others by giving off the impression that they know what they're talking about. Then it happens, they open their...
Loan Officers can find techniques all over the internet and various mortgage broker publications. They can download scripts, they can download the newest version of that fancy-dancy new product that a new Lender is offering, they can send out the double-high-glossy postcard that "will attract ANY...
Have you ever heard this when learning sales techniques, "the peson asking the questions is the person in control of the situation"?   That's a good skill to know, but there is a fine line that you MUST NOT CROSS to make this technique effective to your future growth.Most Loan Officers, when inte...
When you think of giving value as a Loan Officer, what are you thinking?  Quoting the lowest rate?  Giving the lowest closing cost?  Now, stop and really think about those two items, what do they actually mean?  Do most people buy because of value or because of cost?  Look at BMW for a minute, ar...
One of the worst things you can EVER say as a Loan Officer is "I don't have enough time."   That is probably the one thing that will turn your borrower off so fast, neither one of you will know what hit you.  Now granted, there are some things that have unrealistic deadlines where the "I don't ha...
Have you ever said this before an appointment..."I Hope I get this loan."Almost every Loan Officer has hoped for business at least once in their carreer, no matter how long or short it was. As you know, mortgage people don't get paid until they close a loan, so hoping a loan closes is something t...
Have you ever walked around and looked at people expression? When you're sitting at a restaurant, have you ever noticed other people around you? Most people are oblivious to their surroundings. They go through life with their head down and never say a word to anyone.You, as a Loan Officer, need t...

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