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Back on the 21st of February, I received an email from an Active Rain Member. Doreen McPherson has MeMe'd me. While I have already been meme'd once, I thought I could simply decline. However, I got to thinking about my last meme. I wondered if there were any more interesting facts about myself. I...
By miserable cities, they don't just mean the real estate market. They have taken several variables into account and rated cities based on these. The factors they looked at was the weather, pollution, commute times, income tax, unemployment, and crime rates. America's Most Miserable Cities are: D...
I wanted to get some opinions on a situation that occured to me recently. My husband and I talked about refinancing our home when the mortgage rates had dropped. We kept getting tons of flyers, mailers, and letters about the VA streamlining program. So, my husband called one of the brokers. When ...
If you didn't read the first part, you can read "Ginger gave Bob the Finger....." and return here for the end. Well, I hope it is the end. So after being frustrated by my car, I decided to just park it and use my husband's. I don't take his out very often. It gets out once a week for a simple dro...
I thought this needed to be posted because it may affect some people in our area. I know I have seen a lot of incentives offered by some builders as of late. Most of the offers make it hard for anyone trying to sell against them. It's hard to believe that over a year ago, you bought a beautiful n...
I have read several posts about pictures of homes on websites after they sold or just as pictures representative of homes in the area. While I see the validity of wanting your privacy, it seems there are bigger things lurking out there that should be more worrisome. It really didn't occur to me u...
So, I thought I would give everyone the finger too. My big, blue, ET finger! I have had another great week. I have these weeks fairly often. I don't know what it is. My life is kind of like I Love Lucy. I always seem to get myself into something comical or crazy. This week has been no different. ...
Yesterday in the Savannah area, it was Super Museum Sunday. Admission to historical sites and museums were free. There were 39 participants all over the area. It gave many people a chance to get out and see things they normally couldn't afford to. It was a great time to get into the history of Sa...
Google has been trying hard to cut into Microsoft's office territory. Google created Google Docs, which is part of Google Apps. However, there only problem was that these workprocessors, spreadsheets, etc. could only be used while online. Thus, Google has come up with Google Gears. Google Gears i...
On Sunday, the admission price for almost 40 local and national museums and historic sites will be free. That's right. The usual hours for this "free" time is between noon and 4 pm. However, there are a few exceptions. This annual event commemorates the founding of the 1733 colony. With almost 40...


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