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I have been talking about the Keller Williams Realty MVVBP if you need to catch up feel free to go back and read quickly through the other post I have done to get up to speed.  I am an associate of KW and am not an owner (yet) I just love my company and think everyone should at least have a chanc...
If you have been reading along over the last number of days you know I have been talking about my company Keller Williams Realty and there MVVBP which I feel has some significant impact in a positive way on their agents, their image, and the company as a whole. Please refer back a few posts to un...
If you have been reading my last few blogs I have been spending some time on talking about my company Keller Williams. Taking some time to dig into the MVVBP if you refer back a few post you will see what that all encompass.  Today we start the bit about Values and this might be a few different p...
I am back again today and continuing my post's on the Keller Williams Realty MVVBP (if you would like to know more about what that acronym means feel free to refer back to "The Start Of A Journey" and that hopefully will lay it out for you in more detail there. Today I am talking about the first ...
Yesterday I talked a bit about how I was going to spend the next number of days writing about something called the MVVBP which stands for Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective.  I know you may ask what does this have to do helping me, well let me tell you. Through ...
Hi, I was sitting in an office meeting today and our OP (operating principle) was touching a few things that my company (Keller Williams Realty) is all about and since we are all about acronyms and things I will use it and then explain it. He was talking about the MVVBP we have which is our Missi...
Hey the Malibu Pro Tour stop is this Friday and Saturday and thought you might be interested to see a schedule of events if you where planning on attending that way you know when to show up for certain events. Here you go.   Cheers! Abbotsford Schedule of Events   Friday 9/18/09 9:00 AM Open Men ...
I am finally back in the land of written blogs, I have been work on video blog things for the last few months and have taken a bit of a break from writing. Not that my writing was ever any good but hopefully there was some information gleaned or a fun story read here at my blog.  Anyway I just wa...

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