lakeshore: Minnesota, Land of Sky-Tinted Waters - 06/27/07 04:44 AM
From the August 30th, 1878 edition of the Alexandria Post:Minnesota, the famed land of "sky-tinted waters," has no other equal area embracing so many attractions to health and pleasure seekers, tourists and sportsmen, as well as permanent residents as are found in Douglas County. The time has now fully come when these advantages, unsurpassed beauties, should be made known to the world. Next summer will witness the coming of hundreds - even thousands - of visitors to spend a few days or weeks or an entire season among this wealth of loveliness. Business men and men of means need look after … (0 comments)

lakeshore: A Plane Ride Over the Lakes of Alexandria - 06/13/07 01:09 PM
This afternoon, Al from Alexandria Aviation and I were racing the incoming rain as we headed out from Chandler Field in a Cessna to Ida and Le Homme Dieu so I could take some aerials of properties for sale.
Click the thumbnail at the left for a bird's eye view of a lot for sale on the east side of Lake Ida. The list price is $315,000 and the lot is ready for a home to be connected to city sewer and a private well.

lakeshore: The Ice is Gone - 04/24/07 02:15 AM
There isn't any ice visible on the lakes now. Sunday's rain drowned out the last of it. And with it, the number of buyers looking at lake properties has had a marked increase. It always amazes me.
The best time to be looking is the dead of winter. If you know the lakes and/or are working with a Realtor that has the knowledge, you are going to find the best buys. There is less competition for you (fewer buyers) because of the fear of the unknown. If they can't see the lake's bottom, most people won't buy what they can't see. And … (0 comments)

lakeshore: Starring a Bald Eagle - 04/23/07 01:28 AM
Around noon on Saturday I was at the lake lots of North Turtle Lake Shores on North Turtle Lake in Battle Lake. I am still working on converting the videos to flash format but was anxious to see the first clip I shot. While filming, I noticed a large bird soaring and sure enough, it was a Bald Eagle. You can see it in this video (move your mouse over the link and click the play button in the pop-up). My filming was a little jerky as I was mesmerized by the eagle and forgot about filming. Here is another video … (0 comments)

lakeshore: Riparian - 04/22/07 12:18 AM
Alexandria is chock full of riparian lots (lots located on a lake).
Did you know that the English word "riparian" is from the Latin word "riparius," a noun deriving from "ripa," meaning "bank" or "shore. This is where the word "river" came from.
First appearing in English in the 19th century, "riparian" refers to things that exist alongside a river (such as riparian wetlands, habitats, trees, etc.). "Riparian rights," refer to the rights of those owning land along a river or lake to have access to the waterway. "Littoral," usually refers to things that occur along the shore of a sea or ocean.

lakeshore: Whiskey - 04/15/07 04:12 PM
Located about 2 miles northeast of Brandon in Douglas County, Whiskey Lake is a 158-acre fertile lake. The lake has a maximum depth of 46 feet and about one-half of the lake is 15 feet deep or less. Whiskey Lake has a history of poor water clarity during summer months due to dense algal blooms. The lake received treated and partially treated effluent from the Brandon sewage treatment plant until 1988. Water quality and clarity have improved in recent years. Seechi disk transparency was 7.5 feet in early July of 2003.
Click here to view what is currently for sale on … (0 comments)

lakeshore: 12.1 Feet of Water Clarity - 04/14/07 11:40 PM
This week, lots on a lake (in Minnesota's Otter Tail County) that is nearly 1,500 acres in size (for comparison, Le Homme Dieu is 1,744 acres) and with water clarity reported by the DNR of 12.10 feet (the cleanest lake on the Chain is Carlos with 11' of clarity),  will be available for purchase. The lots are large. An example is a 7.37 acre lot with 310 feet of lakeshore.
Courtesy of 

lakeshore: Lake Blackwell - 04/12/07 12:23 AM
Lake Blackwell is located 11 miles west of Alexandria and a 1/2 mile west of Holmes City. It is surrounded almost entirely by dense hardwood forests which create a very secluded atmosphere. The lake is 280 acres in size (the shoreline is 5.2 miles) with a maximum depth of 42 feet and a median depth of 10 feet.Fisherman report that it is a good fishing lake for bass, northern pike and panfish.There are 2 pending sales (Greater Alexandria Association of Realtors) for bare lots on Blackwell. The list prices are $129,900 and $169,000. … (0 comments)

lakeshore: Alexandria's Mill Lake - 04/10/07 07:32 AM
Mill Lake is a spring fed, deep and clear lake, with 5 miles of shoreline and 650 acres in size. A mill was once located on the lakeshore, and this is were the lake got it's name. It is a very picturesque lake with several bays and a wooded shoreline that enhance its beauty. Walleyes, northern, largemouth bass, sunfish and crappie are abundant in Mill Lake. Many prize winning fish, particularly bass and sunfish, have been caught in the lake. Some feel that Alexandria is the bass capital of Minnesota and Mill Lake is one of the reasons why.
courtesy of … (0 comments)

lakeshore: Why Lake Miltona? - 04/09/07 07:13 AM
Did you know that the largest lake in Douglas County,Lake Miltona, could have easily been named Lake Roadruck? In 1866-67, Indiana's Benjamin Roadruck and his wife, Florence Miltona Roadruck, settled on the west end of what in now Lake Miltona which was named in honor of them. See what real estate is available on Roadruck, er, Miltona [MLS link].

lakeshore: Smith Lake - 04/08/07 09:08 PM
6 miles east of Alexandria is 710 acre Smith Lake. With a maximum depth of 32 feet, spring fed Smith has pleasant woods surrounding the lake providing a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for nature lovers.
Lake Notes: Specializing in Northern Pike, Bluegill and Crappie. Walleye, Largemouth Bass and Sunfish also caught. There is a Public Access located on Northeast shore off State Hwy. 27 and Smith Lake Rd.

lakeshore: Pocket Lake - 04/08/07 08:53 PM
10 miles south of Alexandria is a lake Big Ole could fit in his pocket. Fittingly, it is name Pocket Lake.
The shoreline of Pocket Lake is 4.7 miles and consists of hardwood forests and wooded pastures of varying elevations. The maximum depth of Pocket is 40 feet and the median depth is 15 feet. It is a good fishing lake but fisherman like Pocket in particular for panfish and bass. A Public Access is located on South shore of the lake off State Hwy. 114 and Pocket Lake Road.
[Find real estate for sale on Pocket Lake]

lakeshore: Lake Moses - 04/08/07 04:45 AM
Lake Moses is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Alexandria and is named after the biblical figure. The shoreline cover consists of a hardwood fringe with grasslands on gentle slopes.
The area of the lake is 871 acres and has a maximum depth of 32 feet with the median depth being 16 feet. Fisherman report that the best fishing is for bass and panfish. The shoreline is 4.5 miles.
As reported by the Greater Alexandria Area MLS, the highest sale price for a home on Moses was $285,000. … (0 comments)

MARCH, 2007
3. 3724 Christopherson Road, Alexandria, MN (50 feet of lakeshore on Lake Ida) - sold for $209,900
2. 11080 Tall Timbers Road, Garfield, MN (115 feet of lakeshore on Lobster Lake) - sold for $295,000
1. 13110 Maple Island Point SE, Glenwood, MN (352 feet of lakeshore on Maple Lake) - sold for $398,500 

lakeshore: A virtual drive on Lake Irene's NW Irene Road - 03/19/07 03:59 PM
Large, wooded lake lots on 630 acre lake in the Alexandria Lakes Area. In this video, you are traveling southbound on NW Irene Road at the rear of the lake lots of SunnyBrook on Lake Irene. The average lot size is close to 2 acres. There are currently seven lots for sale.
For more information, visit

lakeshore: 25711 Nordic Point Drive, Glenwood, Minnesota - 03/12/07 01:58 PM
This is a really poor example (if you survive my jerkiness, look for me in the mirror) of a video tour (it was my first) but here it is. Bad example, but a wonderful home with 150 feet of lakeshore on Pelican Lake. Located on the west side of Pelicane in a private location that is only five minutes from downtown Glenwood. … (2 comments)

lakeshore: Affordable Lake Lots in Minnesota - 03/11/07 04:08 AM

Lake Irene is a 630-acre, mesotrophic (moderately fertile) bass-panfish lake located near the town of Miltona in northeast Douglas County. Two public accesses are located on this lake. One is on the northwest shore off of NW Irene Road and the other is located on the southeast shore off of County Road 64. Water quality and clarity are considered good. Consequently, an abundant and diverse aquatic plant community is present within this basin. Lake Irene is primarily a bass-panfish fishery, but it also supports a high-quality walleye population. Walleye abundance in 2005 was 9.1 fish per gill net, which is well … (0 comments)

lakeshore: Lakeshore Management - 12/23/06 12:49 PM

Lake Weeders Digest (LWD) offers a wealth of information for those seeking new and innovative ways to address problematic aquatic plant issues such as milfoil, hydrilla, curly leaf pond weed and sediment or lake muck removal.  LWD is also researching new invasive issues such as snails and zebra mussels. Their products offer much more than just lake rakes, under water weed cutters, and lake muck removal tools. They provide resources and education to arm the lakeshore owner with better techniques. Send an email Lake Weeders Digest.
I particularly like a page of their site that addresses beaches and how … (1 comments)

lakeshore: Level Lakeshore - 12/08/06 12:54 AM
Click to enlarge. Check out the 100 feet of level lakeshore.


lakeshore: $550,000 Bare Lot Sold - 12/07/06 10:02 PM
Alexandria's Lake L'homme Dieu in 2006 has 2 bare lots sell for over $500,000. L'homme Dieu is part of Alexandria's Chain of Lakes and is 1,744 acres and is near the northern edge of Alexandria. View what is currently for sale on this lake. … (0 comments)

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