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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow.



Have you seen that I too like to hand out gold stars? This blog series I'm calling "Craig's Clicks". If you want to go back and see previous posts, that link will list them for you. I'm featuring blogs three at a time in these different categories: blog theme, blog profile, and blog signature. T...
There's lots of things that I'll do and then think "I wonder if others know this too?". These aren't big things in themselves to make a whole blog post about it, but I can put a few together and then share them all with you. This group of  tips are specifically for ActiveRain... Did You Know ......
Take a look over there on the right side of the screen (you may have to scroll up or down to see it) but do you notice the section of the sidebar called "Links"? This is an area of ActiveRain that is editable by you . It is important to use this area (and if you already knew about it, go back on...
I like having three buttons on my mouse. I use the third button all the time! Do you? If you use a Windows PC like me, then you too have three buttons... (unless... how OLD is your computer?) The third button is also known as the "wheel" on your wheel mouse. But it is more than a wheel. Did you ...

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