activerain: June ActiveRain Amnesia - I Want My Posts Back! maybe... - 07/17/20 03:03 PM
Well 2020 is a very tough year and you might add ActiveRain problems to the list of things that we aren't happy about. I'm not sure if anyone has figured out what went wrong, but all the June posts went POOF and perhaps never to return. Though AR staff has commented that they found the lost data, it would appear that restoring the data has proven to be more of a technical challenge than would superficially seem.
One of the problems that I am aware of is that as people started creating new posts, the system started reassigning the same post IDs as … (40 comments)

activerain: WAIT! Don't LEAVE Me!! - 02/15/20 08:00 AM
WAIT! Don't LEAVE me!!
We work very hard to get eyeballs on our blog posts and web sites, so then why are you sending people away once you get them?? You are not intentionally doing this, but if you aren't aware, you might in fact be doing this.
Whenever you are creating a hyperlink, you have two choices for what will happen when a person clicks on that link. Your link will either (a) use the same browser tab, or (b) open up in a new browser tab. There are two choices and you are in control. But how do you … (27 comments)

activerain: Optimize Your Images for Website Pages - Compression - 01/12/20 03:53 PM
Images are very important to help your web pages engage your audience. The combination of informative text along with appropriate photos and illustrations is the formula for a captivating post.
Some of the biggest amateur mistakes of creating web pages is related to working with images. Doing it wrong will not "break" anything, but doing it right shows your expertise. 
The ways to optimize images that you should be aware of are:
(1) file resolution/pixel size not exceeding actual page frame size
(2) file aspect ratio
(3) maximizing file type compression
(4) SEO optimization
In this post, let's talk about the first 3 ways noted above to optimize … (17 comments)

activerain: How to Embed a Video in Your ActiveRain Post (2019 Edition) - 12/25/19 05:52 AM
I have recently been going back and reviewing my old posts as I plan my schedule of upcoming new posts. The more I look, the more I realize that the methods I described were for how things used to be and so those methods no longer work! Today's post is one of such needed updates:
How to embed videos in ActiveRain posts
Like a few other things here in ActiveRain, we are in  'workaround mode' until (when and if) we get some updates to our blog composition tools. Meanwhile the workaround procedures do work for us and today's how-to is going to show … (29 comments)

activerain: Your ActiveRain Profile Page NEEDS HELP - 12/17/19 10:26 AM
Can I be frank?
Your ActiveRain profile page is deficient and really needs some help!!
don't get mad at me. It is not your fault that you have this problem. But in this post, let's talk about how you can make it better!
So somewhere back in time, the AR devs made a change that handicapped us all. Take a look below at the profile editing screen that we now have.

The first thing that really bothers me about this, is that you have a 2 inch box in which to edit your profile text. Um, really?? That's just uncomfortable (unless … (32 comments)

activerain: Craig's 2019 Technology Survey - RESULTS - 12/11/19 05:30 PM
Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to take my 2019 Technology Survey!! I was able to get 49 responses and so I feel it was a good sampling pool to create a meaningful snapshot of the technology being used by those of you who are interested in reading my blog. This helps me create future posts because it sees where you all are at technically and I can tailor the results to be more targeted.
Ready? Let's dive into the results and I'll give my running commentary as we go...

This first result was a little surprising … (31 comments)

activerain: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 3) - 12/03/19 05:37 AM
In this blog series, we've been focused on our blog signatures and how we can best utilize this part of our digital presentation. You've worked hard on a blog post and have connected with your reader. What will you offer them next so they can stay with you and not move on elsewhere? This is where your blog signature comes into play. This is part 3 of the series and we are on the final stretch! (note: if you want to catch up on part 1 or part 2, you can use those links to get there)
In the illustration below, … (17 comments)

activerain: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 1) - 11/21/19 05:54 AM
Your blog signature is a significant pivot point opportunity that you may be missing out on. In this multi-part series, let's look at how we can leverage this opportunity in our favor!
First of all, what is a blog signature? Your signature block is what appears immediately after the main content of your blog post. In essence, it is an author's mini-bio. If somebody has just really enjoyed the content of your post, it answers the question of "who is the person that just wrote this?" But besides just your name, this is your chance to connect with your audience more. Tell them … (30 comments)

activerain: REVISED - I Have Some Comments About Comments - 11/02/19 09:04 AM
NOTE: This is the REVISED version of this post (see the changes in the middle section). I was made aware of a system bug that will affect the choice you have in making comments, read more:
The ActiveRain points system pretty ingenious. It incentivizes the types of actions that you should be doing and this makes the community thrive. For example, you get points for making blog posts and you get points for making comments on others' blog posts. At first, you may do comments 'for the points' but as you interact on others posts, you quickly realize that getting comments on your own … (51 comments)

activerain: Creating a Block of Emphasis Text for Your Blog Post - 03/05/16 11:08 PM

A Chef Has Excellent Ingredients AND a
Well Thought Out Presentation
Creating an interesting blog post is first of all dependant on relevant information that the reader wants to read. The other essential consideration to a successful post is how you present the information. A good chef may have the best ingredients in a dish but she doesn't just slap it down as a messy plate of food!
A good blog post starts off with proper white spacing. You don't want to just write a singular run on paragraph that goes on and on and on. We call that the wall of words! Proper text sizing is also … (57 comments)

activerain: What I Would Fix About ActiveRain If I Could - 07/05/15 12:18 AM
I think it is very good news that Ben Kinney has taken ownership of ActiveRain. With that news, comes also the return of Bob Stewart. These are two guys that you want to listen to when they share their wealth of knowledge! These guys also know the power of this community and want to make sure that ActiveRain continues to be a premier place to come to - a place that people enjoy coming to and that has value!
There is plenty of conversation lately about what to do to put new life back into the site. If you gave me the power, there is one … (100 comments)

activerain: Craig's 2015 Profile Update - 05/23/15 11:02 PM
It's been a while since I refreshed my ActiveRain profile and my blog signature. Well, I finally got around to it!! I just made the updates to my blog. The text below is what I have pasted to my profile page. I thought I'd share it also as a blog post here as a chance to say hi to everyone. I hope 2015 is turning out to be a good year for you! 
Craig is a tech guy! He loves technical challenges and loves to teach others how to use technology effectively. You might have guessed that if you've spent any … (10 comments)

activerain: Don't Click the Follow Button! - 04/08/15 12:02 PM
Don't Click the Follow Button...
   UNLESS you know what to do AFTER you click it!
Actually, DO click on the Follow button of quality bloggers because I'm about to show you what you NEED to do after you follow a list of people.  (PS - You can start with my follow button, it's right over there on the right ----->   ;)
Here's the thing... Now that you have clicked, now what??
Once you have selected bloggers on ActiveRain to follow, you should FREQUENTLY go to the newsfeed page that lists, in order of most recent post, the titles of each of the most recent posts … (64 comments)

activerain: Cataloging Your ActiveRain Blog with Tags - 12/05/14 09:28 PM
You walk into a very large library and you have in mind to find a book to help you on a very particular topic. As you stand in awe at how large this library is, you don't have a clue where to start. You ask the librarian about your topic. She says, "I believe we had a few books come in on that maybe a year ago. If you look on the second floor, down towards the middle of the library, that's where the books of that timeframe were placed."
You think, "huh!?? How am ever going to find it?"
After … (58 comments)

activerain: Tell Us a Little About Yourself - ActiveRain Profile Fields - 11/14/14 11:58 PM
Whether you are new on ActiveRain or know somebody just starting out here, perhaps you might want to share these thoughts about how to start to set up their profile information. For this blog post let's look at the basic mechanics of how to do that. Then we will look at various examples of what various ones have done. Finally, we can look at a little strategy in case you've been here for a while but need a little polishing up of your own settings!
How To Set Up Your Profile Basic Text
First of all, how do you get to your … (38 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Grab Bag - 10 Tips For You - 09/14/14 01:23 AM
 Here are a whole bunch of little tips for you to consider as you spend your time blogging and reading in ActiveRain. Here are 10 tips for you!
1. Insert a Hyperlink Shortcut
Every post we write usually has one or more hyperlinks to other relevant pages. To insert a hyperlink, you first select the text you want to link, then you click the "insert link" button. Did you know there is a shortcut key for this, highlight your text and press Ctrl+K. I use that all the time. (if you are on Mac that might be Control-K, you'll … (81 comments)

activerain: What Are Your Most Popular Posts? - 09/07/14 04:19 AM
It is good to step back once in a while and analyze the effectiveness of what we are doing on our blogs. It takes our valuable time to blog, so is your phone ringing as a direct result of your sharing helpful information online? Do people call you and tell you that they are interested in working with you? Perhaps they feel that they already know you through your writing.
If the above is even occasionally true, then your blogging is being effective. If you want to have it happen more often (who doesn't) then why not take a look at your … (22 comments)

activerain: Which ActiveRain Yearbook Page Are You On? 2014 Edition - 08/30/14 07:16 AM
From the home page of ActiveRain, there is a link that you can click "Membership Roster" that is a neat tangent to explore when you are surfing the site. As you click on each of the years of ActiveRain's existence, you realize it looks a lot like a school yearbook.
Which class are you in? Are you in the "freshman" class or the "senior"? Have you really applied yourself to blogging? If so, those points are tallying up for you and provide you an extra boost of incentive. Maybe you have a little friendly competition with your peers to climb a … (67 comments)

activerain: How to Find a Specific Blog Post Written a While Ago - 08/23/14 07:09 AM
I could have also titled this post “You spent HOW MUCH time looking for that *#*??!$ post?” :)
Blogging over time means that you have a vast catalog of posts under your hat that you can grab out and share with people when they ask you a question. You’ve answered it before in a blog post. Aha! Go get that post and share it with them.
So where do you start looking. Your stats page? Your archives page? (*cough, cough* Dear AR Devs: archives is broken right now  *cough, cough*)
If the post is back in time a ways and you’ve been around a while that’s a daunting … (58 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Profile Page Cover Photos - Inspiration Board - 08/09/14 06:15 AM
A very important part of your ActiveRain blog is your profile page. In a recent post, I discussed all sorts of  things to consider for your profile photo. Now let’s look at the Cover Photo. I’ll follow with another post soon digging into the particulars of setting up your cover photo.
In this post, I went surfing the ActiveRain profile pages looking for cover photos that we can use for inspiration. I came back with 40 covers as a comprehensive sampling of what can be done. I’m handing out gold stars today as you’ll often find me doing. Well done to those that I came across in my … (97 comments)

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