facebook friends lists: Facebook - Where'd My Lists Go? - 01/15/11 06:49 AM
When your list of Friends and "Liked" pages in Facebook gets long it is sometimes hard to keep up with certain people. The newsfeed updates so frequently that you might totally miss out certain status updates. My first post on ActiveRain was called "Facebook - Don't Miss Your Most Important People" and it tells you how and why you'd want to create lists in Facebook.
Facebook recently just changed the interface and I had to dig around to find out where FB moved the option to pick the list that you want to display. They moved it from the left sidebar … (25 comments)

facebook friends lists: Facebook - Don't Miss Your Most Important People - 08/15/10 02:44 AM
Once you've been on Facebook for a while, your friends list will have grown large. Also, you will have "liked" (subscribed) to many other business and group pages. Your clients (active and previous) are probably in your friends list (they should be) and certainly your family is there. Do you sometimes feel like you are missing posts for these most important people? I did until I discovered that you can make lists. Sometimes the large volume of posts from all your subscribed pages drown out the people. In the figure below, the "pages" are posting so much, there is no actual … (58 comments)

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