graphics: New Year - New Desktop Wallpaper - 12/31/19 04:03 PM
My annual custom is to change my computer desktop wallpaper along with the flip of the calendar to the new year. In the snapshot below, you can see my desktop update just completed. The desktop wallpaper in this case is a composition of a couple of recent photos along with a mini calendar. I find it very convenient to include a calendar on the desktop for looking up dates.

First, let me give you a written how-to of the steps so that you can make something similar to this for your own desktop. At the end of this post is a … (12 comments)

graphics: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 2) - 11/27/19 05:50 AM
In this series of posts, we're examining how you can raise the bar on the section of your blog post called the blog signature. This is your mini-bio that immediately follows every blog post that answers the question "who was it that just wrote this post?" Hopefully by an amazing post content, you just wowed them with your expertise. Now it is time to help funnel them into the next thing in your digital world by giving them a few choices to click on next, or even better yet, how they can call or email you to work with you!
Having someone … (12 comments)

graphics: Creating Graphics for Web Pages – Tech Tutor VIDEO - 12/14/13 01:22 AM
Being able to insert pictures in our blog posts is an essential first step to making an appealing presentation. Images along with valuable textual content will help you to keep the attention of the person that just clicked onto your page. Would you like to step up your game with the option to create other types of graphics that you could use on your pages? This post (and video tutorial) will show you that it is within your reach.
If you were a graphic designer, you would have expensive apps at your fingertips such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. These apps cost hundreds … (40 comments)

graphics: Is Facebook Doing this to Your Posts? "I Want Thumbnails!" - 02/04/12 05:36 AM
I don't know about you, but somewhere in the stream of time, Facebook stopped offering thumbnails of photos from my ActiveRain posts when I post on FB. The ONLY photo it offers now is my avatar. Hmmm, what's up with that?

Now, wait a minute Facebook, you don't do this when I post links from other websites! I did this FB post the other day and you gave me a choice of the graphics that were in the post as my Thumbnail image!

Ok, so the "workaround" brainstorming session began. This will not do!
What can I do?? … (51 comments)

graphics: Graphics For Bloggers [#7] - Creative Cropping - 11/12/11 06:35 AM
Photography is something that we want to leverage in our blogging and presentation work for our business. Do you carry your camera with you wherever you go? Do you let photo ops pass you by because you weren't prepared to capture the moment?
Having imagery in our our blogs makes our posts much more interesting! Can you imagine a magazine where every page was only words. Do you think you would subscribe?
Before we take a photo, we should give some thought to the composition. Do you use the rule of thirds? Do you move about the scene a little looking … (86 comments)

graphics: Graphics For Bloggers [#6] - ActiveRain Math - 04/24/11 11:00 AM
Today's class we're going into some mathematics of our ActiveRain blog page layouts. Don't run away, this is simple math! I frequently see some problems caused by misunderstanding the boundaries and sizes allotted to us in our ActiveRain blog pages. When we don't watch our numbers, some unwanted results in appearance will follow! Let me give you three numbers that you should keep in mind and then I'll explain what these numbers mean: 960, 684, 502.
BLOG HEADER Let's start off with the blog header and our first target number of 960. We have the option to customize the appearance of … (118 comments)

graphics: Graphics For Bloggers [#5] - Snapshot and Crop - 02/13/11 01:30 AM
I'm in the midst of writing my Video Series, but I'm jumping back to my Graphics for Bloggers Series for a day to help you with a graphics skill that we will need on the next video lesson. I am going to demonstrate how to do screen captures AND get them cropped to the right aspect ratio so that it will be all ready to insert as new clips into your video timeline.

So let's take the case of a home tour video. You have gone out and recorded clips of you touring the house. As a lead-in to help … (71 comments)

graphics: Graphics For Bloggers [Series - Part 1] - 09/21/10 08:48 AM

Time to start a new blog series! (BTW, I will continue the Picasa series, not done with that one quite yet) Let's change "channels" for a little while and talk about graphics in your blog! Take a look at different blogs and how graphics can be used well to catch a person's eye and then engage them to stay to read the content. In the figure on the right, notice the difference and how much more interesting the article with graphics is (exact same textual content).
This series is going to dive a little deeper into the waters of intermediate … (140 comments)

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