ipiccy: ActiveRain Essentials - Profile Photo - 02/04/21 07:40 PM
One the interesting facets of marketing ourselves on the internet is that someone can meet us online first before they ever see us in person. Having a blog is a way for us to share our expertise and help a person come to know and trust us. Letting them SEE who we are helps fill a hole in the whole virtual meeting process. Our profile photo then is a key element to introducing ourselves properly.
First let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid. Then we’ll go into the process of how to prepare your photo and upload it to ActiveRain.
Craig’s List -
What You Should AVOID … (41 comments)

ipiccy: Optimize Your Images for Website Pages - Compression - 01/12/20 03:53 PM
Images are very important to help your web pages engage your audience. The combination of informative text along with appropriate photos and illustrations is the formula for a captivating post.
Some of the biggest amateur mistakes of creating web pages is related to working with images. Doing it wrong will not "break" anything, but doing it right shows your expertise. 
The ways to optimize images that you should be aware of are:
(1) file resolution/pixel size not exceeding actual page frame size
(2) file aspect ratio
(3) maximizing file type compression
(4) SEO optimization
In this post, let's talk about the first 3 ways noted above to optimize … (18 comments)

ipiccy: Blog Enhancements - Adding Drop Shadow to Images - 07/13/14 01:27 AM
Having an image in your blog post makes it interesting for the reader. Of course having valuable text content is the first priority! However the synergy of the text and the graphics that you use is not to be overlooked for the ingredients of an A+ post.
Oftentimes, bloggers will size an image so that it is not too wide and this allows you to have the text alongside the photo. That is what I am doing here with the photo of my cat Buddy. He’s having a great time hiding in a shopping bag over there.
Do you see something different about the photo though? … (63 comments)

ipiccy: Blogging Basics – Resize a Photo - 07/12/14 07:32 AM
To make a blog post more appealing, you should use images for eye appeal. Often the images we would like to use are in the form of photographs. I see very often (with even experienced bloggers) a mistake with images because of not understanding proper sizing of a photo.
Let’s go through an exercise of preparing a photo for a blog post so you can learn proper technique.
When you are blogging, you have a main content area where your text will go. On web pages, our unit of measure is the pixel. Most blogs have a content area ranging between 600 and 800 pixels. It depends on the theme you are using … (35 comments)

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