irfanview: Optimize Your Images for Website Pages - Compression - 01/12/20 03:53 PM
Images are very important to help your web pages engage your audience. The combination of informative text along with appropriate photos and illustrations is the formula for a captivating post.
Some of the biggest amateur mistakes of creating web pages is related to working with images. Doing it wrong will not "break" anything, but doing it right shows your expertise. 
The ways to optimize images that you should be aware of are:
(1) file resolution/pixel size not exceeding actual page frame size
(2) file aspect ratio
(3) maximizing file type compression
(4) SEO optimization
In this post, let's talk about the first 3 ways noted above to optimize … (18 comments)

irfanview: How to Batch Resize a Set of Photos - 11/15/14 11:06 PM
In this post, we will take a look at the difference between the high resolution photos that we take with our cameras as compared to the optimized copy that we should be using when we are working with web presentations.
Having high resolution images is great for certain types of presentations such as when we need to PRINT a high DPI photo. However websites do not need all those pixels. Most of the time, photos on a web page are 1000 pixels or less in width. So if you have a 10 Megapixel (MP) photo from your camera and you upload it straight to the web, there are thousands of … (22 comments)

irfanview: Graphics For Bloggers [#5] - Snapshot and Crop - 02/13/11 01:30 AM
I'm in the midst of writing my Video Series, but I'm jumping back to my Graphics for Bloggers Series for a day to help you with a graphics skill that we will need on the next video lesson. I am going to demonstrate how to do screen captures AND get them cropped to the right aspect ratio so that it will be all ready to insert as new clips into your video timeline.

So let's take the case of a home tour video. You have gone out and recorded clips of you touring the house. As a lead-in to help … (71 comments)

irfanview: Graphics For Bloggers [Series - Part 1] - 09/21/10 08:48 AM

Time to start a new blog series! (BTW, I will continue the Picasa series, not done with that one quite yet) Let's change "channels" for a little while and talk about graphics in your blog! Take a look at different blogs and how graphics can be used well to catch a person's eye and then engage them to stay to read the content. In the figure on the right, notice the difference and how much more interesting the article with graphics is (exact same textual content).
This series is going to dive a little deeper into the waters of intermediate … (140 comments)

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