photos: Leveraging the Cloud - AR Zoom Webinars - 01/16/21 10:37 AM
This coming Tuesday (January 19, 2021), I have the opportunity to take you on a virtual tour of some more AMAZING cloud-based tools that you'll want to know about. This is via the ActiveRain Zoom Webinar series that happens every Tuesday at 2:00pm EASTERN.
My theme is "Leveraging the Cloud".
You may be aware of, or heard of ideas like "cloud backup" or "cloud storage" or "cloud docs" but maybe hadn't explored why these are useful. Part 1 of my presentation covered some of these basics. Hopefully you joined me back in December. I'd love to hear in the comments of anything … (26 comments)

photos: Improving Your Photography - What is HDR? - 10/27/19 01:26 PM
How are the fall colors where you are located? In metro New York City, we are just now starting to see some nice colors pop out. Today was a very rainy day. However, when the rain finally stopped the sun popped out very quickly after. I wanted to take a photo out of our front window of the blue sky coming out and the colorful tree across the street.
The first photo I took, you will see above on the left. The sky was blown out. So next I turned on the HDR setting on my phone's camera and took the second shot. Ah, … (34 comments)

photos: Are You Using GOOGLE PHOTOS? - 09/21/16 08:43 PM
Photography is part of modern daily life now. Think about it. You carry a camera (in the shape of a mobile phone) with you at all times in your pocket (or purse). How many photos did you take today? how many this week? this month? this year? 
One of my all time favorite tech tools relates to working with photos (if you know me and tech, giving such an accolade should make you be more than a little curious!). That tool is Google Photos.
I'm going to introduce you to this tool and highly recommend to you that you check it out. And if … (95 comments)

photos: Sights In NY Harbor - Robbins Reef - 06/06/15 01:30 AM
Today's photo post is showing the lighthouse on Robbins Reef which is just north of Staten Island in New York Harbor. I took this photo from the Staten Island Ferry on my morning commute to work. The lighthouse has a very interesting history including the keepers of the light in the days before it could be fully automated. (Yes, you are seeing right... that is a little tiny island!) Could you imagine this as your residence!! It was such for Kate Walker and her husband and her children. When her husband died, it became Kate's responsibility to care for the lighthouse … (26 comments)

photos: Real Estate Photo Editing - Making Your Listing Stand Out - 05/10/15 01:20 AM
If you are a listing agent, quality photography of the home that you are marketing to sell is critical. Imagine the couple that is ready to buy a home. They are browsing their choices online. Consider if there is an abundance of choices in their price range and the area that they are looking into. If your listing's photos are drab and lackluster, your potential audience may pass over rather quickly to the other homes. Are you missing opportunites?
Many agents opt for professional photography because of the special importance that quality real estate photos have. The first steps of home shopping happens online these … (34 comments)

photos: How to Batch Resize a Set of Photos - 11/15/14 11:06 PM
In this post, we will take a look at the difference between the high resolution photos that we take with our cameras as compared to the optimized copy that we should be using when we are working with web presentations.
Having high resolution images is great for certain types of presentations such as when we need to PRINT a high DPI photo. However websites do not need all those pixels. Most of the time, photos on a web page are 1000 pixels or less in width. So if you have a 10 Megapixel (MP) photo from your camera and you upload it straight to the web, there are thousands … (22 comments)

photos: Blog Enhancements - Adding Drop Shadow to Images - 07/13/14 01:27 AM
Having an image in your blog post makes it interesting for the reader. Of course having valuable text content is the first priority! However the synergy of the text and the graphics that you use is not to be overlooked for the ingredients of an A+ post.
Oftentimes, bloggers will size an image so that it is not too wide and this allows you to have the text alongside the photo. That is what I am doing here with the photo of my cat Buddy. He’s having a great time hiding in a shopping bag over there.
Do you see something different about the … (63 comments)

photos: Blogging Basics – Resize a Photo - 07/12/14 07:32 AM
To make a blog post more appealing, you should use images for eye appeal. Often the images we would like to use are in the form of photographs. I see very often (with even experienced bloggers) a mistake with images because of not understanding proper sizing of a photo.
Let’s go through an exercise of preparing a photo for a blog post so you can learn proper technique.
When you are blogging, you have a main content area where your text will go. On web pages, our unit of measure is the pixel. Most blogs have a content area ranging between 600 and 800 pixels. It depends on the theme you are using … (35 comments)

photos: Shutter Story (#16) - Seasons From Our Window - 12/15/13 01:15 AM

I was looking at my facebook timeline this morning and noticed the contrast of these two recent shots that were taken from same vantage point out of our living room window. The brilliant and beautiful colors of fall were followed by winter with its own beauty. By his expression, you can tell that my five year old loves the snow the same as I do! :)
I am calling this series Shutter Stories (that link will show you my previous posts). I have been pulling out of my photo archive to share both old and new shots. I give a very short … (18 comments)

photos: Look Ma No Cables - Google Plus Instant Upload - 04/28/12 12:34 PM
Isn't it great to have a camera with you all the time - yes I'm talking about the one on your phone. The current generation of phones take decent pictures. You can capture moments to remember as easily as reaching in your pocket (or purse) for your phone and click away! But besides viewing the photos just on your phone, you want to see them nice and big in a slideshow on your computer screen and share the best ones.
You know how it goes though. Dig out the good old USB cable and go through the hoops to find and … (31 comments)

photos: Picnik Going Offline - What Can I Do? - 01/22/12 02:42 AM
I know many of you are shocked by the recent news that Picnik is going offline on April 19, 2012. I'm not happy about it either. I am a HUGE fan of the free google photo app called Picasa.... however, there were a few tools and features that it was just easier or better in Picnik (not many things, but a few).
Recently Google released version 3.9 of Picasa (download page, FREE app). In it there were quite a few significant enhancements. I noticed many of the Picnik tools making their way over (since Google owns both products, this made … (124 comments)

photos: Shutter Story (#13) - Satellite Sparrow - 06/12/11 03:46 AM
Do you ever stop and think that even "common" things are truly amazing? I often watch the sparrows around our house and think what handsome little birds they are. I appreciate all God's creations and I love photos to capture moments and study the details that you don't often see as they are flittering around. My camera is not anywhere near top of line, but it does a great job on the zooms. It has a 10x optical and here in this shot I'm capturing him from the ground up to a second story roof -as you can see by the … (20 comments)

photos: ActiveRainPhotoBlogger Contest - Shutter Story (#12) - Aran Island Friend - 05/15/11 12:12 AM

If you've seen my photo blogging series, you'll know I like to share my Ireland and Scotland photos. There have been many special moments that I'm very glad to have had a camera with us all the time. It is always enjoyable to go back and look at the photos later and relive the trips.
In our 2004 trip, we decided to head out to the Aran Islands for a day trip. The islands are located on the Western Coast of Ireland are only reachable by boat or airplane. We took the ferry on the approximate 10 mile water trip into Galway … (37 comments)

photos: Screencast [#1] - ActiveRain Photo Properties & Hyperlinks - 02/21/11 10:59 AM
I haven't done screencasts in a while, but I've wanted to get back into doing them. Here is a question that came up today in an email, so I thought I'd do a class in screencast format to demonstrate some of the points instead of just writing about them.
What are some of the ways you can size a photo or graphic after you have inserted it into your ActiveRain blog? How would you go about creating a hyperlink for the photo so it could be clicked? Are there any differences of note between the most used browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). … (56 comments)

photos: Picasa Series [#12] Watermarking Photos - 02/08/11 05:51 AM

If you have been following my Picasa Series, you'll know by now what an amazing all-around photo app that Picasa is (and free too!). This class will be about watermarking your photos. Watermarking is the overlaying of text onto your photo to dissuade others from using your work without your permission. Any photo on the internet can easily be saved by others and used in their own pages. Even if you were to go to the effort of programming and disabling the right-click/save-as option, there is still screen capture command that is all too simple to do.
Watermarking then is … (34 comments)

photos: Shutter Story Sundays (#11) - Kenmare Bay - 02/06/11 12:47 AM
Usually when we go to Ireland, we make our home base in Killarney (County Kerry) which is in the southwest part of the country. A little ways south of Killarney on what is known as the "Ring of Kerry" is the town of Kenmare. From there a very scenic Kenmare Bay extends out into the Atlantic Ocean on the west. From Kenmare you can book a day trip on a small sightseeing boat where you go out into the bay enjoying the picturesque hills and wildlife all around. The seals were our favorite. Irish weather is sun and showers but yields … (24 comments)

photos: Picasa Series [#11] Tuning Listing Photos - White Balance - 01/29/11 01:55 AM

If you have been following my Picasa Series, you'll know by now what an amazing all-around photo app that Picasa is (and free too!). If you use photos in presentation work (ahem nudge nudge Real Estate Agent, Home Stager, Home Inspector) then you should really consider a post-production phase for any photos that you take. Picasa makes it extremely easy to do so. Today's post will be focusing on one of the tools that you can use to correct problems with your photos. The tool I'll focus on today is the Neutral Color Picker Tool. (BTW, if you missed the … (31 comments)

photos: Picasa Series [#10] Tuning Listing Photos - Straighten - 01/27/11 01:51 AM

If you have been following my Picasa Series, you'll know by now what an amazing all-around photo app that Picasa is (and free too!). If you use photos in presentation work (ahem nudge nudge Real Estate Agent, Home Stager, Home Inspector) then you should really consider a post-production phase for any photos that you take. Picasa makes it extremely easy to do so. Today's post will be focusing on one of the tools that you can use to correct problems with your photos. The tool is the Straighten Tool. (BTW, if you missed the other articles in the series, be … (42 comments)

photos: Shutter Story Sundays (#8) - Mt. St. Helens Aerial - 12/26/10 12:13 AM

Though I now live in New York, I grew up in Washington State. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or have visited there, you'll know of the beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges that are visible all around. One of the mountains in the Cascades, Mt. St. Helens is now notorious for the date May 18, 1980. I was in the sixth grade when the mountain erupted that year. The photos below show the view of before the eruption and during (photo credits below, USGS source1/source2). The mountain that previously was 9,677 ft tall (left photo) became 8,365 ft after.
The … (35 comments)

photos: Picasa Photo App Series [Part 8] Tuning Listing Photos - 10/03/10 03:47 AM

This is part 8 of the series where I'm teaching you how to use the Free Photo Organizing and Editing App called Picasa. If you need to catch up, check out my Picasa Series recap listing here and you will see the previous articles. Today we're going to be looking at Tuning Listing Photos.
I don't need to tell you that people are going to be looking online to find the next house that they want to buy. As a listing agent, you need to do all you can to create the best virtual presentation which will bring interest to … (27 comments)

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