presentation of you: Your ActiveRain Profile Page NEEDS HELP - 12/17/19 10:26 AM
Can I be frank?
Your ActiveRain profile page is deficient and really needs some help!!
don't get mad at me. It is not your fault that you have this problem. But in this post, let's talk about how you can make it better!
So somewhere back in time, the AR devs made a change that handicapped us all. Take a look below at the profile editing screen that we now have.

The first thing that really bothers me about this, is that you have a 2 inch box in which to edit your profile text. Um, really?? That's just uncomfortable (unless … (32 comments)

presentation of you: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 3) - 12/03/19 05:37 AM
In this blog series, we've been focused on our blog signatures and how we can best utilize this part of our digital presentation. You've worked hard on a blog post and have connected with your reader. What will you offer them next so they can stay with you and not move on elsewhere? This is where your blog signature comes into play. This is part 3 of the series and we are on the final stretch! (note: if you want to catch up on part 1 or part 2, you can use those links to get there)
In the illustration below, … (17 comments)

presentation of you: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 2) - 11/27/19 05:50 AM
In this series of posts, we're examining how you can raise the bar on the section of your blog post called the blog signature. This is your mini-bio that immediately follows every blog post that answers the question "who was it that just wrote this post?" Hopefully by an amazing post content, you just wowed them with your expertise. Now it is time to help funnel them into the next thing in your digital world by giving them a few choices to click on next, or even better yet, how they can call or email you to work with you!
Having someone … (12 comments)

presentation of you: PRESENTATION OF YOU - Your Blog Signature (Part 1) - 11/21/19 05:54 AM
Your blog signature is a significant pivot point opportunity that you may be missing out on. In this multi-part series, let's look at how we can leverage this opportunity in our favor!
First of all, what is a blog signature? Your signature block is what appears immediately after the main content of your blog post. In essence, it is an author's mini-bio. If somebody has just really enjoyed the content of your post, it answers the question of "who is the person that just wrote this?" But besides just your name, this is your chance to connect with your audience more. Tell them … (29 comments)

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