tags: Now Where Was That Article Again? Google Bookmarks! - 04/14/11 11:26 AM
The amount of information that inundates us on a daily basis is overwhelming! How many times do you come across something online that you know has GREAT value but, at the moment, you don't have time to follow through on it. So what do you do then? What I do is click my all-important "save for later" big red button! You know the big red button Staples has, "that was easy!" Here's the thing about "save for later"... it may be EASY to click the bookmark option, but if you've been online for more than a week, your list of saved … (48 comments)

tags: ActiveRain - Sidebar Links - 12/26/10 10:18 AM
Take a look over there on the right side of the screen (you may have to scroll up or down to see it) but do you notice the section of the sidebar called "Links"? This is an area of ActiveRain that is editable by you . It is important to use this area (and if you already knew about it, go back once in a while and make sure everything is current). Right next to the Links title, click on "add/remove" in order to edit what is displayed there. (note: you will have to be on YOUR blog page to have … (34 comments)

tags: ActiveRain - Your Tags Are Virtual Folders - 09/25/10 02:24 AM
I've written a couple of articles recently about using tags in your ActiveRain blog posts. I think there is some improvement in this topic, but from my browsing around different blogs, I still see that I'm not sure the concept is still all that clear for some people. So let's continue our discussion on this topic.
Let's take two examples to illustrate. First, as listing agent, you are going to write an article to help your sellers to consider what they should consider for showings as regards to their dogs. The second blog post you are going to write is about … (38 comments)

tags: What Does Your ActiveRain Tag Cloud Look Like? - 09/15/10 10:54 AM

Here's another ActiveRain discovery I made today. I saw a reference that a person that I subscribe to learned alot about a particular topic from so-and-so. So I went to their blog and was looking for articles on that topic. Hmmm... On my own blog page, I can pull up articles by the "tags" list... but I didn't see that on any other peoples pages. Anyway, long story short, I did some URL digging around and discovered something I think is very cool. If you append /tags to the person's AR blog address and press enter it takes you to … (87 comments)

tags: Picasa Photo App Series [Part 4] You Get a Star - 09/12/10 03:03 AM

The past three days, I've introduced you to the Free Photo Organizing and Editing App called Picasa. If you need to catch up, check out my blog archives list for September and you will see the previous articles. Today were going to be looking at benefits of Starring Your Photos
In a photo shoot, you take LOTS of pictures (at least you should). When you get back to your computer and upload them, the next step is going through and picking out the ones that you plan to actually use. This is what I do. I double-click on the first … (14 comments)

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