tech tips: Your Head Should Be In the Cloud - 11/06/19 06:06 AM
Saying that someone has their head is in the clouds usually has a negative connotation. In the digital era, we might have to rethink that expression! Our digital selves should seriously look at having our head in and leveraging 'the cloud'. There are many advantages. Let's take a look at some.
The 'cloud' of course means that instead of just saving our digital assets on our local hard drives, we use the internet as the path, or means, to have copies of our files saved on various host servers. Some of the bigger names in these servers include names like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and … (34 comments)

tech tips: ActiveRain Grab Bag - 10 Tips For You - 09/14/14 01:23 AM
 Here are a whole bunch of little tips for you to consider as you spend your time blogging and reading in ActiveRain. Here are 10 tips for you!
1. Insert a Hyperlink Shortcut
Every post we write usually has one or more hyperlinks to other relevant pages. To insert a hyperlink, you first select the text you want to link, then you click the "insert link" button. Did you know there is a shortcut key for this, highlight your text and press Ctrl+K. I use that all the time. (if you are on Mac that might be Control-K, you'll … (81 comments)

tech tips: Craig's Classroom - Teaching You Tech - 01/13/13 12:36 AM
In this post, I wanted to recap some of my favorite teaching posts from the past year. Perhaps you saw some but missed others. Check out my little catalog of favorite posts from the past year. There are three slide pages below so be sure to flip through the pages.
Do you want to know how you can create a presentation of your favorite posts just like this one. Stay tuned for a future post coming soon! You know where to come to learn cool new tech tips! Meanwhile, this list should keep you busy for a while :) enjoy!


tech tips: Tech Tips - You Can Do a Lot With One Wheel - 09/21/11 06:25 AM
Sometimes there are some really cool things you can do on your computer, but unless you stumble upon them by accident or somebody shows you (or you read the guide, but who does that??) ... these things you would not know! Today's short class is about the wheel on your mouse. Now quite obviously, the wheel allows you to scroll up and down on a page. You know that! Lesson is not over quite yet! :)
The mouse wheel can be used to zoom the magnification when viewing a document in MS Word or Excel for example. Hold down the … (58 comments)

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