investing: Why it is prime time to invest in UAE real estate - 08/06/19 10:51 AM
Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is quite gorgeous. From the skyscrapers of their cities, to the historical artefacts of Abu Dhabi, here are a few reasons why you should look into buying a home in UAE.
Get a ‘free’ passport
You can obtain a second citizenship through investing in UAE. The minimum investment you have to put in to receive the passport is 1 million United Arab Emirates dirham, which amounts to $272,000 USD, which isn’t to say the steepest price tag. The average family villa has dropped 24% over the past year, amounting to only AED1.82 million (US$495,500) … (0 comments)

investing: 3 Real Estate Tips That Will Make a Difference on Your Next Investment - 07/10/19 02:49 AM
Investing in real estate can be a tricky prospect, even for a seasoned investor. The market can be notoriously volatile, and having too much money tied up in real estate when the market heads downward can be an economic death sentence. Even some of the world’s historically biggest and most successful real estate moguls have gone bankrupt practically overnight due to unpredictable and significant changes in the housing market. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to ensure that real estate investments turn a tidy profit. If there were, everyone would be a real estate expert. Even though there is no such … (0 comments)

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