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2010... It Was A Very Good Year.... Well, my dear readers, another year has come and gone. Tomorrow, January 1st, begins a new decade and, with it, endless possibilities.I'd like to clog up some bandwidth on the internet today by wishing all my friends, family and loved ones all the best in 2011....
I Finally Did It. But This One is Going to Cost Me Big Time!OK, I finally did it. I took the plunge and purchased a MacBook Pro. I'm sick of Windows and everyone I speak to just raves about their Macs. But this one is going to cost me. You see, my good friend Michael Thornton is a long time Mac u...
Hugh Laurie is Pretty Good as Dr. House. But How Would He Do as a Realtor? OK, Dr. House saves lives. I sell houses. Edge goes to House.Dr. House is very difficult to work with. I'm not! Chalk one up for me!Dr. House constantly flaunts rules and regulations. I won't compromise my license or break...
Try As I Might, I Can't Stop Time.... Although I'd Like To. As we look back on this past year and reflect on our successes (and failures), no matter how hard we try to stop it, in a few days 2010 will be history.For some of us seeing 2010 go away is a good thing. Personally, I've had my best year...
If it's the Thought That Counts..... Think Harder!   Children love Christmas. Adults love Christmas.And, unless you're this guy...... Or this guy........ Pretty much everyone loves Christmas.Now I don't know about you folks, but I did have a Christmas wish list. I shared it with you here: All I W...
Last Minute Gift Ideas from ActiveRain and Me! For those of you who've been sleeping in a cave, and might be unaware, tomorrow is Christmas.You've had an entire year to prepare for this day. But, once again, you've put off shopping for those loved ones on your list, until the last moment. Well, m...
Happy Festivus Everyone! Every year, when the leaves have fallen from the trees and the night air turns crisp, people from all over the world go into their attics and break out their decorations in anticipation of the most glorious of all holidays…Festivus!Well, actually, there are no Festivus de...
All I Want for Christmas....   Everyone has a Christmas wish list. Little boys and girls write to Santa in hopes of finding their wishes under the tree on Christmas morning.Adults, although they might not admit it, also have a wish list. As for me, I too have a list of things I'd love to see unde...
It Wouldn't Be the Holidays Without One of These Under Your Christmas Tree...... For the 1st time ever available on CD, the rare home recordings of Michael Thornton singing all your favorite Christmas songs!Yes, my dear readers, it's true! You know the songs. You know the man. And now, for a limi...
Sometimes You Just Have to Hold a Client's Hand and Explain Things To Them... Every now and then we come across a client with unrealistic expectations. You know the one. They want a 3,000 square foot 10 bedroom home with hardwoods everywhere, granite counter tops, Italian ceramic tile in all the ...

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