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Holy Crap! I Think I Broke Twitter! This morning, as I do every day, I posted a few local Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area events on Twitter. But this is what came up on the screen when I refreshed to see my posts....   By the way, if you're not using Twitter to promote your business, you're nuts! Check ...
I'm Breaking My Own Rule Today... and You Can Thank Eric Clapton For That!   I know you might not believe this, but there really is a method to my madness. You see, my dear readers, I have always thought of ActiveRain, in its simplest sense, as a social media forum. And it is because of this beli...
The Most and Least Expensive Homes in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex Area Today, while checking my daily updates on the Triangle MLS, I decided to do a little research and have a little fun. There are currently over 26,000 homes and land available for purchase here in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area of Nor...
Who is the Most Awesome Person Today?   My Version of ActiveRain's Daily "Member Spotlight" (Part XI) It's that time of the week again folks! As promised, I've decided to make 2011 a year in which I introduce you, my dear readers, to a Rainer who you might not know, but probably should. ActiveRai...
Hey Greg Nino! Hook Me Up! OK, my dear readers, I don't often ask for anything from you. Well, I do ask that you subscribe to my blogs, and give me referrals for any clients you have moving to the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area, oh and pick up the tab when we go out for lunch. But other than that, I gi...
David Spade was Pretty Funny in Joe Dirt... But Could He Sell Land in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex Area? Personally, I don't think he could. But I can. In fact, I just did! While vacant land is typically a tougher sell than a piece of property with a home on it, I just put a bank owned piece of land u...
Kids. They Grow Up So Fast These Days! I remember when she was just a little girl. It seemed like almost yesterday. My how time flies. But, today is her special day.   And we won't reminisce about days gone by. No. Instead we'll just all wish ActiveRain's very own Kerrie Greenhalgh a very Happy B...
You Don't Need to Put on a Thinking Cap To Buy or Sell a Home in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex Area... All you have to do is head on over to Updated daily,, is your one stop resource for buying or selling a home in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area. So, you won't nee...
Look Mommy! We're Almost There! That's right Suzie. You're almost there.... in your new Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area home! And you can thank your mommy for beginning the search for your new home at You're going to love living in the Raleigh/ Cary/ Apex area, Suzie! We have great ...
Why Am I Here?... Or Better Yet, Why Aren't You? Of course I'm referring to ActiveRain and why you should be here. Yesterday one of my invitees to ActiveRain called me for some help. Naturally, being the good Ambassador that I am, I threw myself together, because I'm not a pretty sight before I g...

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