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The Number One Most Important Key in Home Buying or Home Selling in Mesa Az is: Get the Price Right from the beginning of the listing for sellers! Know the correct value of the home (not neccessarily the list price) before you put in an offer - for buyers! The why to this most important key shoul...
Recently I've read several articles & blogs on the topic of BPOs & the problems they are having on our markets, due to inaccuracy, conflict of interest, lack of training, lack of experience, lack of accountability, etc. Why is this the case?  And what can be done to solve the problem. When short ...
In real estate there is a term called "steering" which typically refers to leading potential buyers to particular homes or areas for various reasons. In some cases it's illegal. I have noticed lately an intersting situation in relation to different homes for sale in the Mesa & Queen Creek area.  ...
HUD homes for sale in Mesa AZ offer some great buying opportunities.  Any repairs can often be worked into your loan to keep out of pocket expenses down. The bidding process offers opportunity for some great deals.   Search HUD Homes for sale at  Go to the advanced searc...
Some builders offer big commission bonuses to real estate agents to bring them buyers. Call me about helping you find your new home & if the builder you choose offers a big commission bonus, you get the bonus amount, above 3%.  This can be applied to closing costs & or make for a bigger down paym...
BPOs or Broker Price Opinions have swept the country & AZ as an inexpensive way to value a home. But the banks are taking a 2nd look at what they are getting & some are beginning to switch back to appraisers, who statistically have been more accurate.  But the lure of the BPO cheap price has been...
PRICING IS EVERYTHING these days in the Augusta Ranch area!  Traditional sales, Lender owned homes & Short sales all compete for the same buyers in many cases.  Not all lender owned homes are beat up, some have new carpet & paint, etc.  But all have the same goal, & that is to sell for as much as...
Broker Price Opinions and The Collateral Valuation Report Broker price opinion use has grown dramatically in the last couple years, and yet large banks & credit unions are looking for ways to get appraisers back in the mix.  US Bank, Key Point Credit Union & even Bank of America have indicated th...
Home Value Questions, Answered ! Accuracy, timeliness & cost are the key issues in the valuation, or appraisal industry today.  Traditionally, accuracy has taken time & at a price.  Cutting down the time has typically taken a toll on accuracy in order to reduce the price or cost of valuation serv...
A quality accurate appraisal (w/prices starting at just $100) on your Mesa home is vital in our changing market.  There are many variables to consider and accurately analyze when doing a home appraisal these days. Both recent & similar closed sales along with similar active listings need to be lo...

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