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These are the creative writings of Craig Schiller, a home stager, professional real estate marketing "guru" and founder of the Real Estaging, one of the nation's leading home staging companies.
Well I've done it. I am all signed up to go to this year's Home Staging Conference hosted by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). I so look forward to the magic that can only take place when a group of like minded people meet to share, learn and grow. If you have ever been to an ActiveRain...
Well, I guess you can say I am back. After a SHORTER break from staging and a LONGER break from blogging I have decided to come back in and splash around in this MUCH larger puddle called ActiveRain. Why did I dry up and leave? Well, it is partially because of ActiveRain I left in the first place...
Amazingly, I still see listing information provided on some Realtor sites (both big and small, national and local) accessed in a way that puzzles me. I mean I understand the "WHY" of it, I just don't understand the logic of it. So maybe you can help. So I look to the realtor community to shed th...
When a home stager is hired one of our primary jobs responsibilities is to stage the property in a manner that best solves any problem or perceived issues buyers may have with it. But what happens if the buyer disagrees with what was done by the hired stager? CASE IN POINT: Recently I received an...
There is no denying that real estate marketplace is in a major depression. Nothing seems to drive home that grim point more then a quick drive through any neighborhood, for placed in the front yards of so many homes is a vast array of For Sale signs. But while a sign in a front yard drives home t...
Because the end result of a staged home can be a great visual impression, home staging is seen as an image industry. Image companies in the fields of advertising, interior design, and landscaping have for long known that to sell and grow their own businesses; they must present a good visual image...
We all know that even though the market is "bad" homes are still selling. Of course you don't have to be a genius to know that they are not selling at the rate they used to... but they are selling. So if you have clients trying to sell their properties yet asking the question, "Why isn't my home...
So my home selling pets, would you like to pick a home stager to regularly work with, but are not sure which in the bunch to hire? Plus does it seem as if daily there are more and more staging bananas out there to pick from? Well, you are right; it can be a tough to know which stager you should b...
Last week something new began to be seen in the great hallowed halls of Active Rain. Beautiful blog masterpieces started to appear. Active Rain gave to us all another great new improvement to help us all better differentiate and further brand ourselves through our blogs. We now all have the acces...
The ONLY problem I have EVER had about Active Rain was it is UGLY. YUP UGLY and I have not been afraid to let the Rain Gods (Matt Heaton and Johnathon Washburn) know how I felt. But there is a saying, "you only get to complain if you are willing to provide a solution." So not only did I register ...

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