franchises: Multiple Food Sources - 03/06/14 11:20 PM
I’ve heard it said that most of your business in Real Estate can come from 25 people that surround you. If that is so, why don’t we just go find these 25 people and take them out for a drink, share our plan, and ask for their business? It is so easy to chase the next new thing in the business of Real Estate, thinking it will work better than the last. Many hop on the idea that in order to compete, you must come up with a new and better mousetrap. The grass is greener where it is watered in … (4 comments)

franchises: Another Success Secret - 07/11/13 03:31 AM
As we slide into the 3rd quarter of 2013 you should know by know by now the year is half over. The good news is that you can position yourself to stay disciplined and finish strong. Build listing inventory, re-evaluate your first 6 months of this year, and look toward upcoming events. The secrets to Real Estate really aren’t that secret, it’s simply that many agents just won’t do what the successful agents do. You need to pay attention to the basic fundamentals of this business, invest in your trade, and stick to what works.
State trade shows and conferences are … (1 comments)

franchises: The Spoken Word - 06/03/13 01:06 AM
What if adding public speaking to your skillset could double your income? Would you invest the time to become a specialist, where people actually ask you to come and speak to their people? They claim that he or she that speaks…leads. If this is the case, why do so many have a fear of speaking? It’s the old “rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy” reference. Not everyone is a born public speaker, and not everyone is born a leader; it can however be a learned behavior. Just as Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book Outliers, hard work is … (3 comments)

franchises: Why Would I Work for You? - 05/14/13 02:53 AM
Please allow me to ask you a question…why do you work where you do? No really, what significant detail or one thing can you say attracted you to and makes you stay where you are? You see, everyone has stuff to some degree…tools, training, technology or some value-add component that keeps you welded in to your office. The question is always, do I feel like I belong here and is it getting the most and the best out of me.
As I tour around the North Central Division of the United States visiting our EXIT Realty offices and speaking at … (0 comments)

franchises: Tools for Success - 05/02/13 07:41 AM

franchises: Cockpit View - 03/09/13 01:42 AM
Ok so I have a passion for flying, but this analogy I believe will resonate with many of you. We have all been schooled on the old adage that a windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason…so that we can see more of what lies ahead and less of what fades off behind us. Well, how about in the cockpit of an airplane? There is no rearview mirror; you are forced to only look forward and use your gauges (or your glass display depending on the age of your aircraft). Cognitive reasoning, interpretation, experience and correct action are … (0 comments)

franchises: Balancing Being Busy - 02/14/13 11:10 PM
Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaahhh…Can you feel it? The Real Estate market is on the upswing across the country and I predict another 7 year cycle ahead. Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to is telling me how busy they are and how things seem to be improving. Now, we just need to let the media know!
Along with “busy” business perhaps comes reduced focus on the big picture. I feel strongly that a balanced Real Estate career is imperative to maintaining that “life outside of Real Estate” lifestyle we all so desperately desire; after all, our families would like to see us … (4 comments)

franchises: The Road Ahead - 01/02/13 02:34 AM
Another year is upon us and if you are like me, you have set goals and put a plan in place to improve over last year’s results. You see, I start my planning in late October for the next year, making small adjustments until the final weeks of December, ensuring my plan is actionable by January 1st. This year I must admit was a little more challenging for me because I am about to embark on something new and different, all in the spirit of growing our company.
I have recently been given the privilege of representing EXIT as the President … (2 comments)

franchises: Another Convention Ends...A New Year Ahead - 11/27/12 05:35 AM
Preparing for the EXIT Convention each year is exciting for me. I look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, learning from our speakers, and getting the latest updates from our EXIT Approved Suppliers. I should say it surprises me how our corporate leadership pulls off such an amazing Convention year after year, but frankly it does not surprise me at all. I look at all the incredible tools, systems and support EXIT provides us every day at such a high level and I have come to only expect the best. Walking into the main Convention room was unbelievable this … (0 comments)

franchises: Be a Leader this Year - 01/11/12 05:37 AM
Being a leader is not for everyone. For some reason many think the leadership position is easy, but anyone in leadership knows it can be challenging. Getting people to follow you and your beliefs takes effort, respect, honesty and well-defined goals-a vision of what’s to come. I heard one man say once “if you think you are a leader, turn around and if there is no one following you, you are simply out for a walk”. Companies fail or succeed based on the person driving the ship, the leadership that has the fortitude to weather the storm and stay true to … (2 comments)

franchises: Forming Good Habits - 12/12/11 06:18 AM
Statistics say it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form a habit, any habit that is...both good and bad. Changes come about through forming new habits such as thinking differently, reacting differently, or behaving differently. Frustration can set in quickly while we wait for these changes to take effect and become more automatic. If it takes only 66 days to form a new habit, why do so many never reach their goal? Why does it seem that forming a bad habit is easier and happens sooner? For some, habits can form in as little as 18 days! It is … (1 comments)

franchises: EXIT Realty Michigan Regional President Participates in Habitat Build - 03/16/10 03:16 AM
Craig Witt, Regional President of Michigan for EXIT Realty Corporation, participated in its most recent corporately sponsored home build in Austin, TX. 
Mirna Santana and her 15-year-old son, Brian have lived in the same, run-down apartment for 9 years. They have no control over the temperature in the apartment, there is mold from leaks in the pipes and there has been a horrible smell coming from the bathroom since the day they moved in, but it is Section 8 housing and it’s all they can afford. As a survivor of domestic violence, Mirna has found a strength and persistence that defines the … (0 comments)

franchises: EXIT 1 REALTY AGENTS TRAINED IN E-LISTINGS - 03/15/10 05:34 AM
EXIT Realty International’s technology specialist Jeff Lobb spent a day at EXIT 1 REALTY’s LaPorte office training their agents in e-Listing Technology. E-Listing technology–exclusive to Exit Realty International—provides narrated virtual tours, exclusive web addresses, exclusive phone lines, and an internet magazine as bundled services unique to each listing. Additionally it syndicates listings to over 200 of the internets most visited real estate portals.
Jeff Lobb is fluent in the 3 languages of English, Tech, and Real Estate, which bridges the gap between knowing what buttons to push and how to actually use the knowledge to grow a real estate business. “Jeff has … (0 comments)

franchises: Corporate Training is Imperative - 03/09/10 11:29 PM
The only way to really know how to make a McDonald's hamburger is to attend McDonald's University, right? Well, we are no different at EXIT Realty. We recently hosted our quarterly Broker/Owner Training at our corporate offices in Mississauga, Ontario for new and returning EXIT Franchisees and all I can say is wow! This was our best B/O Training to date with full capacity attendance with participants ranging from all over the U.S. and Canada.
  It is imperative we teach, train and coach our Franchisees to follow our one-of-a-kind business model at EXIT Realty and moreover to inindate them with … (0 comments)

franchises: Do you know who I am and What I do? - 03/25/08 02:25 AM
Often times many of us in the Real Estate Profession operate as "secret agents". Simply said, we take it for granted that everyone just telepathically knows that we are Realtors and in the business of selling Real Estate. Unfortunately, as passionate as we are about our business, others can't get excited for us unless we let them know what we do. The Real Estate Profession is a wonderful career if you make it one. Everyday many Realtors pass by the buying and selling public and don't think of handing them a business card. Thinking, oh, they probably don't want to be … (4 comments)