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  People today are way too serious. We focus so much on all the busyness we find ourselves in intead of taking time to enjoy the things that are really important! Life is full of ups and downs, but we are supposed to be able to enjoy our lives! Don't be so serious. Don't be so consumed with ever...
"You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts." - Brian Tracy Here we go...we're going to be reminded once again just how powerful our thoughts are!  We know that our words are powerful, but do we really ever take time to think about what's go...
What takes place when you list a home for a client? Of course there is lots of paperwork, but one area that becomes somewhat time consuming is trying to write that perfect description that is sure to sell this home! What are potential buyers searching for? What descriptive words can you use that ...
The rain we were enjoying so much yesterday afternoon brought some very severe weather to our area! This is a picture that was taken near Clemson. It was reported that several tornadoes were spotted, including a funnel cloud over the football stadium at Clemson University!   Thankfully most of t...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We are def...
"They can conquer who believe they can." - Virgil "Believe" is such a simple yet very powerful word. If you really think about it, what we believe determines the course of our life. If you doubt yourself and your abilities, you will shrink back in fear and refuse to go any higher, but when you be...
                                        I used to be someone who just could not function if I tried to take a nap! I would feel absolutely horrible and was useless the rest of the day! Now, the older I get, I find myself looking forward to naps, especially on Sunday afternoons! About a 20 or 30 m...
I am so thankful we don't live in an area that is greatly affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.  The most we usually get here in SC is some wind and maybe some rain. It has just started raining here a little bit and the wind has been blowing most of the day but nothing compared to what some...
  Life is full of seasons...we have days on the mountain top and then we will spend days down in the valley. We must accept the fact that life is always changing and we can never become comfortable in one place. No matter how good or bad the place may be, we won't always be able to stay there! W...
There is nothing more refreshing than being in the great outdoors. The hiking trip to Mount Le Conte Mountain in the Great Smokey Mountains was perfect. Nine women of who I knew only two of, made the hike this last week end.  All dressed for the hick, ba...

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