prepare to sell: Professional Home Staging for Occupied Homes - 10/18/15 02:48 AM
As a professional home staging company with inventory for 65 homes, you can understand we LOVE going into vacant homes and creating a picture perfect home.
But what about occupied homes?
Some occupied homes have too many personal choices....or dated furniture (and some clutter too).
How can these homes compete when 95% of home buyers are shopping online?  Let's face it -- how we live in a home isn't something most of us want broadcasted all over the internet!
Yes, we at Creative Concepts love staging occupied homes!  Let's take a peak at a recent transformation!
Not everyone would feel comfortable with this painting - going neutral is ideal. Where's a great … (4 comments)

prepare to sell: Does Your Listing Crave Attention? - 02/20/09 08:47 AM
Sometimes a home with a great floor plan and location can go unnoticed on the MLS . . .

A few changes can make a dramatic difference and create that all important favorable first impression!

A room that isn't used for it's original purpose, such as this dining room -

Can be confusing to buyers and won't create an inviting image -- one that speaks of family dinners and a cozy haven.

And even rooms that may be small and seem insignifcant . . .

Can have a huge visual impact -speaking of a … (7 comments)

prepare to sell: Preparing and Presenting a New Listing! Get Ready for Success! - 02/10/09 03:45 AM
Thinking that realtor tours and open houses are a waste of time?  Here is a wonderful venue to entice realtors and experts alike to show off a home prepared well for this real estate market!
I recently staged an occupied home that belongs to a great Realtor, Rachel Hayes with Prudential Georgia Realty.  She has Realtor partner, Leigh Steele. 
Together, Rachel and Leigh formed a TEAM prior to listing that they thought would give them the most powerful sales presentation possible for the home.
They had the home pre-inspected by Gary Sloan of Advantage Inspection They contacted Dave Loefflerof … (10 comments)

prepare to sell: Local Business Providing Sparkling Community Service! - 01/17/09 01:50 AM
We love to focus on the positive and great businesses in our community -- especially those who continue to make the Willamette Valley a wonderful place to live.  One such business that caught our eye this week is Let It Shine Cleaning.
Let it Shine Cleaning has joined a non profit organization that offers free professional housecleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatment.  
What an amazing offer and what a blessing to those who will benefit from their care and expertise!   
When reviewing what Let it Shine Cleaning website, I was impressed that not only are they licensed and bonded, … (4 comments)

prepare to sell: Mid Valley Home Show - Salem, Oregon - 01/10/09 07:35 AM
Get Some Great Ideas at the Mid Valley Home Show - January 16-18, 2009! Looking for some ideas or resources for your home improvement projects?  More than 200 exhibitors are featured at the 32nd Annual Mid-Valley Home Show, owned by the Home Builders Association of Marion and Polk Counties.  The Home Show will run from January 16th – 18th at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.   
Exhibitors include everything from building materials and supplies to home furnishings. The Statesman Journal will have an insert on January 15th featuring the show floor plan and a full list of those who will be participating in … (7 comments)

prepare to sell: My Favorite 2008 Transformation - 01/02/09 02:48 AM
We spent December 31st destaging a beautiful home - incredible architecture that was brought to life with our staging.  Since it is so fresh in my mind, I pondered whether it is my favorite . . . .




This was a stunning transformation - but as I review my photos from 2008 -- there are so many that I fondly remember -
The one that gave hope to a home listed for far too long:

Or the house that had been on the market for MONTHS -- it was transformed … (17 comments)

prepare to sell: What Type of Buyers are YOU Marketing To? - 12/20/08 02:29 AM

How are you planning to market your home for the best price and quickest sale?  You’ve heard over and over again that it’s a buyer’s market right now.  Achieving success in the selling game requires some preparation and knowing your buyers is an important step!
There are two types of buyers right now – one that wants to squeeze every last dime out of the price and options – a bargain hunter, whether they are looking for an investment or residence.  They are less emotional about the process – just out for the best deal. 
The other … (9 comments)

prepare to sell: Put Your Best Square Footage Forward! - 12/12/08 09:26 AM
When placing your house for sale, what's the most important strategy before listing?  Cut the clutter!  Make sure you put your best square footage forward -- show every inch to it's best advantage and you'll be steps ahead of the competition.
This house was listed as it is shown here in the before photos, and the clients were reluctant to declutter as their realtor advised.  The listing agent then asked us to provide a staging consultation.  We provided the owners with a detailed list -- lots of low and no cost recommendations.  The after photos are how the home looks now on the MLS. 
 It … (12 comments)

prepare to sell: 'Twas the Month Before Listing and All Through the House . . . - 11/29/08 04:23 AM
'Twas the month before listing, when all through the housethe owners were nervous, and began to grouse.It was time they decided their house to prepare,in hopes that some buyers soon would be there.
There was no time to rest all snug in their beds,images of projects danced in their heads."What to do, where to start." I said with a snap."A buyer‘s not going to just fall in our lap!" 
Bring in the stager and stop all this chatter,See if they can tell us what improvements really matter.In this poor economy to sell in a flash,we must learn how to give our … (32 comments)

prepare to sell: Attracting Buyers to "Grandma's" House - A Dated Decor Dilemma - 11/20/08 12:35 AM
When viewing a vacant home online or in person the image of the owner can still dominates the image -- making it difficult for home buyers to see themselves living there -- so a gem of a house can go unnoticed -- waiting. 
With no buyers for her lovely home -- "Grandma" hired us to give her listing some pizazz and appeal.  Here was the view from the front door -- WAIT GRANDMA -- don't forget to take your drapes with you!

While the budget couldn't afford a new light fixture, where did it go? 

The new curtains and decor … (9 comments)

prepare to sell: Staging Tip: Blowtorch is Not an Effective Way to Clear Cobwebs! - 11/07/08 03:00 AM
When preparing your home for sale, cleaning and decluttering are always the first steps.  Sometimes knowing how to clean efficiently and effectively is important! 
An article in the newspaper today highlighted the improper way of removing cobwebs:
In Sargent Georgia - A west Georgia house was set on fire as the owner cleaned cobwebs with a blow torch.  The homeowner noticed the blaze when he saw smoke pouring from the attic.  The fire was contained to one part of the house, but the entire home had smoke and water damage.  No one was hurt.
Note:  A blowtorch is NOT a good substitute for a broom! 

prepare to sell: Discounts for Military and Immediate Families - 11/07/08 02:23 AM
Home Depot and Lowes offer a 10% discount for military personnel and their immediate families several times a year -- this 10% discount is valid now, Veteran's Day weekend through November 11th. 
This offer is available for all active, reserve, honorably discharged and retired military personnel and their immediate families.  Offer is good for the purchase of in-stock or special order merchandise up to $5,000. 
For more information visit or 
It's a great time to purchase the items you need to get a few projects done this fall before the holidays or while preparing your home for sale!

prepare to sell: Wallpaper - Updating Ideas! - 11/04/08 05:58 AM
I love wallpaper.  My kitchen has wallpaper.  But, if I was preparing my home to sell, I would be remodeling my kitchen and removing the wallpaper.  Why?  Most wall paper is a very personalized decorating style.  Wallpaper is making a comeback - but the new patterns and designs are far different from what was purchased even a few years ago. 
To realize how "unpopular" wallpaper has become, it is no longer carried at most Home Depot, Lowes and other major home improvement stores.  Some people may love some wallpaper, it does not appeal to most home buyers and the idea of … (9 comments)

prepare to sell: Free Clinics for Do-It-Yourselfers! - 11/02/08 12:46 PM
Thinking of doing some home improvements and don't know where to start?  Free Clinics are available at your local Home Depot!  As the weather begins to turn cooler, get a head start on preparing your home for more energy efficiency, decorating and more! 
In Salem and Keizer the following clinics are scheduled:
Energy Efficiency in Your Home - installing dimmer switches, caulking and sealing windows
Tiling Floors and Walls
Decorative Paint Techniques
Visit www.homedepotclinics for more information or to sign up!  Whether you are preparing your home for sale, sprucing up your interior for the holidays or just looking for new … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: Marion County Recycling Champs! - 11/02/08 12:36 PM
Recycling efforts are tops in Marion County -- and for the second year in a row Marion County topped the state for its recycling efforts in 2007!  According to a report from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Marion County's recovery rate is 56.5% -- the highest in Oregon. 
Another bright spot for Marion County was the amount of waste disposed by residents -- it decreased by 2,181 tons between 2007 and 2006. 

Recycling more -- disposing less -- great news for our environment in Oregon!  Way to go Marion County!
Reducing, reusing and recycling are important not only to our … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: Home Staging Tips Featured in Downtown Albany Class - 10/07/08 11:57 PM
Saturday October 11th is Learn Something New Day - sponsored by the Albany Downtown Association.  Local merchants are offering free classes at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm.
One class offered is "Achieving the Wow Factor for Your Home" at Full House Furniture (212 1st Ave E - 541-924-3793)
Ever dream of your home looking like it came out of an interior design magazine?
Selling your home?  Does it create a memorable impression- one that sets it apart from all the others on the market online and in person? 
A home stager can give your homes these qualities!  Learn how … (0 comments)

prepare to sell: The Change Will Do you Good! - 09/29/08 05:43 PM
Remember that song -- "The change will do you good"?  Sometimes convincing sellers of this is a home stagers biggest success!
It seems frequently I hear from sellers -- I'll do anything but don't ask me to ____________ -- they always have one thing they dig in their heels and don't want to do.  This home was no exception.  When I viewed the kitchen the homeowner said - Just don't ask me to paint the kitchen. 
This house had been on the market for MANY months, and already had been previously staged. 
From the front entry, you could see five different … (10 comments)

prepare to sell: Oregon Home Sold in Five Days! - 09/29/08 05:19 PM
In a real estate market where the average days on market is 135, it is a pleasure to know that there are homes that are selling quickly -- ones that are prepared to sell professionally! 
We provided a staging consultation on this home a few months ago.  (The owner is having a home built and wants to move in December 2008.)  Armed with a list of to do items, the homeowners performed the work themselves.  The "builder's white" home was warmed up with new paint and lots of decluttering was done.  
House was listed and under contract in five days -- happy homeowner -- smart … (11 comments)

prepare to sell: Preparing Your Home For Sale - Small Changes = Huge Results - 08/03/08 04:55 PM
Recently we visited a home that had been on the market for some time and the realtor and owners were frustrated that it was not getting any showings.  Here are the photos that were on the MLS:

The listing realtor provided a staging consultation.  We worked with the sellers on decluttering, paint colors and more -- these are the photos we took the next week.  I think they speak for themselves!

From orange walls and dark lighting to soft buttercream paint and hardwoods continued into the living room.  I'm not fond of the white curtains, but could not … (16 comments)

prepare to sell: That little something extra - on a budget! - 07/22/08 12:53 AM
We all have had that moment -- we are done staging but need a little something for the table or desk -- not another candle or plant either!  After reading all the great posts, I used a scrapbook paper, added a few "stickers" and put it in the frame I had on hand.  On the frame are a couple of embellishments a world and compass that were also in the scrapbook department.  On the desk is a photo album which I also added a few "travel" embellishments.  The room has so much added charm for only pennies! 
sorry for the camera … (1 comments)