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  One of the largest single surfaces in your home is the floor. This article will take a look at the many options available in flooring and which one, or combination of choices, will work best in your home. Wood ~ There is nothing that evokes warmth and timeless appeal more than wood floors. Woo...
You may recall I wrote a post about a $1.3 million dollar vacant I staged in East Moriches in September of last year.  It had been on the market vacant for over a year and a half.  The broker held an open after the staging, the weekend of September 20th.  I would periodically check our MLS to see...
Photo courtesy of Smith & Noble Types of Window Treatments Draperies - heavy material with pleated panels.  May draw across the rod or remain stationery on either or both sides of the window. Drapes with Cornice Photo courtesy of Smith & Noble Cornices - horizontal treatment across the top of the...
You open the door and enter.  You are greeted immediately by Jena, the Proprietor of Breathe Inspiring Gifts, and you feel welcomed.  You can feel the positive energy and great attitude of this woman and it fills her boutique.  How often do you feel that way when you go shopping?  As you look aro...
Drape Photo courtesy of Smith & Noble Due to the abundance of information on window treatments, this post will be in two parts. Window treatments -- besides "color" these two words alone can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners.  When you think about all the choices to make about window tre...
Now that we've discussed the applications available for your walls, let's look at colors - not only for use in those applications, but also in the other accessories you may bring into a room.  It is not unusual to ask a client what colors they feel good wearing, because you can translate those s...
I posted this last year around this time, and I recently saw the signs outside the firehouses again.  I think it is a good reminder: Winter Is Here, Keep Fire Hydrants Clear (edit/delete) Photo courtesy of Howe/Foster Daily Democrat I saw my title for this post on a sign outside one of our local ...
     Walls - they are what enclose your home from the outside world and separate rooms within your home.  The dictionary defines walls as "a vertical structure forming an inside partition or an outside surface of a building."  For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing the interior w...
Photo courtesy of Sienna Plantation (Texas) http://www.siennaplantation.com/homes.php  Whenever something happens in the world that affects us, the one place we can truly feel relaxed and comfortable is in our homes.  As 1930's former film star and interior decorator William Haines said, "The onl...
"Desperate times call for desperate measures."  Origin unknown.   From Wikipedia:  It means that when you're in a serious situation, you have to consider doing things that you might otherwise think are unacceptable. "Unacceptable" (for the purposes of this post) means stepping outside your comfor...

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