usda: 3 Simple Tips on How to Buy a Home and Get the Best Mortgage - 05/01/13 04:02 AM
3 Simple Tips on How to Buy a Home and Get the Best Mortgage You cannot open the newspaper, turn on the TV, or open your favorite browser with out seeing the BUZZ about how our US Housing Market has turned the corner! The fact is, home sales are expected to rise through 2013 and into the next year. There has never been a better time to prepare yourself for the home buying process. 
I hope you'll find this information useful to you in your quest for the Great American Dream!
Let's get started...
1. Determine a Comfortable Monthly Payment and … (2 comments)

usda: Is a Government Insured Mortgage Right for You? A Series - part 1 - 08/19/09 01:29 AM
Is a Government Insured Mortgage Right for You? series of articles - part 1
Risky mortgages backed up by small down payments are a thing of the past. In today's world, most lenders aren't underwriting mortgages unless you have a significant down payment, and a high credit score. Did you know that there is a decades-old loophole can still put home buyers in a house with little money down and in some cases . . . just $100... In fact here in Wisconsin every county in the state has areas that qualify for zero down financing. The programs I am … (2 comments)

usda: Economic Stimulus Plan - Signed, Sealed, Delivered - A Consumer Brief - 02/18/09 12:07 AM
Housing and Mortgage Industries Benefit from the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan 
Signed . . . Sealed . . . Delivered . . .Tax cuts and spending programs are the target to revive the US Economy. Yes the $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan is signed sealed and delivered to the American people. Scaled down from nearly $1 Trillion (with a BIG T), the plan will stand as the largest anti-recession effort in the U.S. since the great World War II.
Key provisions in the plan are Tax Credits for first-time home buyers, tax incentives to jump start energy savings, repair public housing … (7 comments)

usda: Let’s Talk Lock, Benefits of Interest Rate Fluctuations and the Power of Knowledge - 01/10/09 04:13 AM
Locking in a mortgage rate with a lender is a great way to ensure that the rate quoted will be available when you close your loan. Rate locks are essential in mortgage planning.
This year has been highly chaotic in the mortgage and financial sectors. For the most part, mortgage rates have remained above the historic lows of 2003. However, this year we've seen several instances where rates dropped dramatically without warning-The information below illustrates the small windows of opportunity we have experienced over the past 12 months. 

Fortunately, these ultra-brief windows allowed us to help several of our clients … (0 comments)

usda: The 101 of Downpayments - Information You Need - 12/29/08 02:40 AM
How much do I put down?It is said by many experts, putting down as little as possible allows buyers to take full advantage of the tax benefits of home ownership. Mortgage interest and property taxes are fully deductible from state and federal income taxes. Buyers using a small down payment also have a reserve for making unexpected improvements.
However, some real estate experts advise that it is more prudent to make a larger down payment and thereby reduce the amount of debt that must be financed.  Talk over your down payment options with your mortgage loan consultant to determine which the best route … (2 comments)

usda: The Ease of Getting a Mortgage in the New Year - - 12/05/08 01:36 AM
Getting a Mortgage Today Doesn't Have to be Difficult
The credit crunch, the credit squeeze, the credit crisis... You've seen the headlines. You've heard about the government's $700 billion rescue plan to deal with it. But what does it mean to those looking to secure financing and take advantage of lower home prices? Can someone still get a mortgage in today's volatile market?
The answer is yes, absolutely! While the credit markets have certainly tightened compared to two years ago, nearly $2 trillion of residential mortgages will have been funded in the US by the end of this year, according to … (0 comments)

usda: What the Credit Crisis Means to Your Mortgage - 11/04/08 04:39 AM
If there was any doubt left that the troubled US financial and credit markets are in full crisis mode, the historic events of the past few months easily erased it. You've seen the headlines. You've heard the stories, but what does it all mean to you and your mortgage? Let us take a closer look at a September to remember and what it means to you - no jargon, no politics, just the facts.
What a Difference a Month MakesSeptember was a historic month in the financial markets. What started a year earlier as the subprime mortgage collapse had morphed into the perfect financial … (0 comments)

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