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There are a lot of people in the Houston area who are now having to replace their roof because of damage sustained during hurricane Ike, myself included. I wanted to tell you about a product that you may not be familiar with called Ondura. I am not paid to endorse their product. I truly believe t...
If like me you were trying to use your phone during or after hurricane Ike and were surprised to have no or a poor signal for days then keep on reading. Not long after the hurricane had swept through I needed my phone for an emergency. It didn't work. I didn't have time to deal with it so I put m...
Tomball wasn't always known as Tomball. Like many things in life it has changed over the last 200 years both in name and size but not in spirit. Tomball, originally called Peck after a railroad engineer, was originally settled by immigrants in the 1800s. These immigrants were ecstatic to find unt...
I recently had to have my HVAC replaced because the old one was 10 years old, causing high energy bills and kept breaking down. I called out everyone from Trane to Carrier to American Standard to Goodman. The quotes I got were for 13 seer to 15 seer units. I got quotes that ranged from $3300 to $...
I received a very nasty voice mail yesterday. I had considered changiing my outgoing message to reflect my unappreciation for the message but after more thought and some calming down I decided to blog about it instead. The voice mail was from a woman. I have no idea who she is nor how to call her...
In an article on yahoo news today.... was said that Obama will not be following through on his promise to attend the town hall debates with McCain but instead will stick to just the standard 3 in October. The article state...
There are many places to beat the heat in Texas. Most of them are water related. There are times however when you are tired of (or it's raining) the water parks , lakes and rivers and just want to have fun indoors. About 10 minutes south of Tomball on 249, conveniently located at 18355 Tomball Pa...
It's that time again. Tomball Night is tomorrow night!! It snuck up on me this year!! This has been a tradition in Tomball since the early 70s. It's a fun community event that can't be missed even if you have no money to spend. For most of us in Tomball, this is when we start school clothes and s...
In an effort to show some people it is still possible to have fun while saving money, I have included a list below of fun "ice cream" drinks, deserts, etc that you can make as a family instead of hitting the Dairy Queen for $4.00 a piece ice creams. My kids say this is more fun anyway!   Root bee...
Madonna said it best when she sang Material Girl...... "Cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl..." Well in case you have been living in a cave and haven't heard, the material days are coming to an end. Even Madonna has had to reinvent herself to stay current with the tim...

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