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This is a friendly warning or "heads up" to all of you who are dog owners in Harris County. Under a new law, if your dog attacks someone you could be charged with a felony. It doesn't matter if you had it in a fenced in yard and it escaped. All that matters is that if your dog attacks someone the...
We are hearing a lot these days about global warming. It's on the news, in the magazines and newspapers and all over the net. The basic premise behind global warming is that the earth is heating up and we are experiencing climate changes, more natural disasters, the melting of enormous glaciers w...
Just a reminder to everyone that we are having a motorcycle rally called Hawgs with HeartĀ in Tomball Texas, north of Houston, on October 13th. The event is benefitting The Blue Santa's Shop With a Cop for underpriveledged children. This event is for motorcyle riders and non-riders as well. Bring ...
If you plan on building in Harris county, TX, be aware that some areas are required to install an aerobic septic system. I've come across many people that have never even heard of them and some that have one and have no idea what to do with them. If you do not properly maintain them, you could en...
So I guess this applies to Texas only as things are different according to the state you live in, but I have a buyer that stated he doesn't want to waste money on closing at a title company and paying for title insurance, etc, etc. Can you do that? How would you do that? We all know the potential...
Jesus was the best salesman of all time. He spent his life on earth "selling" an idea, a promise, a lifestyle and a belief system. He had none of theĀ marketing tools we take for granted, no internet, no business cards and yet I would venture to say that he was the most successful salesman ever to...
Everyone talks about living healthy. They feed their kids organic foods, they work out at the gym, they throw away toys from China with lead paint, they don't smoke, they take vitamins, but are you REALLY living healthy or are you kidding yourself? It's surprising how many people either don't kno...
A loan officer ordered a box of these ecards for me to hand out to customers. They are the greatest! It's a little computer disc with my picture and contact info printed on it and when you pop it into the computer it has vidoes and articles and calculators and tools for buyers and sellers. It als...
I received this letter today from a very happy customer. I am posting it here but removing his name. He said I could use it in my marketing presentation and I definitely will. When I first met him he wanted to overprice his listing, didn't want to do the repairs I suggested, etc. But in the end h...
Counters are one of the easiest things to replace in a home and really are not that expensive. You can redo most kitchen counters with something like Corian for less than $2000. They are virtually indestructible. I know because I have 6 kids and as hard as they have tried, my counters still look ...

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